How To Find Apply For And Receive College Scholarships Plr Ebook

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Ebook Table Of Contents

Foreword and Introduction                                3-5
Why this guide came to be                            3
Layout and purpose,  Target audience of the guide                5
The S.C.O.O.P.I.N.G. Method                             6
1.    The basics of College Scholarships                            7-15

Scholarships – what is it (philosophy, definition, types)
Knowing what is at stake.

What is a ‘Scholarship’?
How does it work and what different types of scholarships are available?
Where to find sources for scholarships? What you are looking for and how much? What, Where and how long will you be studying?
What is available? Where to look to find it? How to apply?
2.    College and Scholarships – what is it used for (which and where, value and
cost of a college education, how scholarships help and work)
Funding options and strategies.                                16

3.    Optimize educational funding and aid options,
capitalize and leverage your position and talents.                    24

4.    Occupational and Overall assistance to give you a boost,
helpful hand. How to make the most of
College scholarships applications, awards and rewards.                30

5.    Personal – THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU!                            33

6.    Investment in your future – where the real payback
and value-proposition is.                                 36

7.    Negotiating – It is a process and skill-set that
requires attention and mastery                                40

8.    GREAT results – getting them, focusing on what to do
and what NOT to do!                                    42

9.    Closing Thoughts and Remarks                            47

10.Bibliography and Online References                        48-54

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Dreams, aspirations and future. These lofty pursuits cost money. A College education can be quite expensive and planning to get all the assistance you possibly can on the financial front is essential. This guide came into being based on a very real need to understand the intricacies and complexities involved in finding, applying and receiving a college scholarship. There are many types of students, different types of scholarships and sponsorships, even loans and financial aid available to undertake building and shaping your future and training for your career, profession and passionate pursuit.

There are also many different reasons people apply or not for scholarships. Ambition, need, disbelief that they qualify, or that their G.P.A. is not high enough, could be possible reasons. Others might include that their parents can afford it, could be merit based scholarships that have nothing to do with the financial positioning and means of anyone. Most do not know where to look or where to start applying, or what to do once they have been awarded a scholarship. Time to spend on this process is worthwhile effort no matter how you look at it, yet some of us choose to wait until the last minute, procrastinate or just hope that magically it will work out in the end. We do not pay close attention to any real practical planning or direction in our application process, setting ourselves us for failure, delay and even rejection.

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