Grants And Scholarships: Financing Your Post Secondary Education With Free Money Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

1. Financing your Education 4
2. What is a Grant? 5
3. How Do I Apply for Grants? 6
The Fantastic FAFSA 6
FAFSA Eligibility 7
Applying for Aid 8
Other Grant Options 8
Writing for a Private Grant 9
Department of Education Grants 11
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant 11
Federal Pell Grant 11
National SMART Grant 12
Teach Grant Program 15
4. What is a Scholarship? 19
Scholarship Classifications 19
Local Scholarships 20
5. Where Can I Get Scholarships? 23
High School Seniors 23
• The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program 23
• The National Merit Program 23
• National Honor Society 24
• U.S. Army ROTC Scholarships 24
• U.S. Airforce ROTC Scholarships 24
Women 25
• APS/IBM Research Internship 25
• AAUW 26
Minorities 26
• Gates Millennium Scholars 26
• American Chemical Society 27
• American Hotel & Lodging Ed Foundation 27
• CIMD 28
• Harvard University 28
Teachers 29
• U.S. Dept. of Education 29
Nurses & Medical School 30
• HRSA 30
• U.S. Army Health Care Opportunities 32
• American Association of Critical Care Nurses 32
• Emergency Nurses Association 33
• HRSA & BPHC 34
• U.S. National Institutes of Health 35
• Lilly Reintegration Scholarship program 37
College & Graduate School 39
• Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship 39
• Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation 42
6. The Future and Beyond 45

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1. Financing your Education

Education is one of the most expensive endeavors that anyone can partake in. Like the stock market or real estate it’s an investment. Unlike the stock market or the real estate market it’s a very long-term investment and the investment of more than just money; you’re investing your future.

Part of the reason anyone tries to attain a higher education is so that they can have a job that they love and, ideally, make a good salary to support their family or their lifestyle. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t know how to finance their education so they take out massive education loans with ridiculously high interest rates. This might get to into a job you love but paying back the loans is often so taxing that many people find they would have been better off financially if they worked at a local fast-food chain.

Grants and Scholarships are free money that you can use to pay for your education. They can allow you to severely reduce your education-related debts or even go through school with no debt at all! Imagine what you could accomplish, how different your life could be if you could get your degree for little to no cost. There’s no better investment than one which requires very little initially and provides a huge return.

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