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Table of Contents

Introduction ….. 4
Direct Mail ……. 5
Flyers ….. 7
Joint Ventures .. 9
Newspaper Ads …….. 11
Text Alerts …… 12
Additional Income from Mobile Marketing …… 13

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Flyers are great for promoting products, because typically people see only one flyer at any given time. Whether you’re passing out flyers by hand, putting them on car windshields, taping them to mailboxes, or tacking them to bulletin boards, your flyer is almost always going to get a little attention.

When creating a flyer for the promotion of an online product, first think about how you’re going to distribute them. If you’re going to tape them or tack them to bulletin boards, or store windows, you will probably want to create the little tags that can be torn off at the bottom. You can put your redirect domain’s URL on the tags so people can tear them off and take them home, making it easier for them to get to the domain. Many people have short memories, and won’t be able to remember the domain by the time they get home.

If you’re going to pass out individual flyers to many people, you may want to print 2 or 4 on each sheet and cut them apart. That will save money, and let you print a lot more flyers for the same amount of money, thus getting you more exposure for the same cost.

When passing out flyers, you will want to do one of two things:

1. You may want to promote a product that has very wide appeal in order to reach a wide audience. This would include products such as dating products, weight loss products, and electronic products.

2. You may want to promote a niche product, distributing the flyers in a location related to that niche. For example, you could promote a gardening product by passing out flyers at a garden shop or plant nursery (with permission from the owner or manager, of course.) It’s a very good idea to promote products with general appeal, because it can be difficult to get permission from store owners. However, this isn’t always true. In the next section, I’m going to talk about how you can get local business owners to promote products for you!

No matter what type of products you promote, be sure to pass out your flyers only in locations where you have permission. If you distribute flyers in areas where you’ve not been given permission, the business owner could contact the affiliate program you are promoting and you might not get paid.

You could also be subject to fines if your local government prohibits the type of distribution you do, so be sure to check out local laws before you get started.

Joint Ventures

As I mentioned in the previous section, you can actually get local businesses to promote a product for you. This is done through joint ventures.

In order to get a joint venture together, you’ll first need to contact a business to negotiate the terms of the venture. Make an appointment to meet with the business owner, and let them know you have a way for them to make some extra money without any extra work.

What you will do is have flyers, brochures, or postcards printed. These will have an ad for the product you are promoting, as well as the URL of a domain you buy specifically for tracking ads from that business, and that business alone. That way you can find out exactly how many sales come from the ads distributed by that business.

Let the business owner know you will register a domain specifically for his or her business, which will let you track sales and give the company credit for those sales.

Now, all the business has to do is include one of the ads in every customer’s shopping bag, and once per month you cut the business owner a check for a percentage of the sales made to the product. They don’t have to do anything except have their cashiers place an ad into one bag for every customer, and they get extra money for doing it!

It’s probably not going to do you much good to visit chain stores. The manager of a Wal-Mart or an Archie’s Sporting Goods probably would not have the authority to accept such a deal, nor would they be likely to need the extra money even if they did have the authority.

You’re going to want to visit locally-owned businesses, especially small businesses. You’ll want to go to the mom-and-pop style businesses that are more likely to need a little extra income to pay the bills.

You can turn practically any type of business into an income opportunity.

Here are some examples:

 Promote a gardening eBook at local plant nurseries.

 Promote a golf eBook at local golf pro shops and sporting goods stores.

 Promote a knitting or sewing eBook at a local craft shop.

There are ideas for almost every business type!

Newspaper Ads

If you’re promoting a product with wide appeal, a newspaper ad might be very successful. Believe it or not, people do still read their local newspaper, and newspaper ads are still very effective for many types of products.

Additionally, many areas have local “shopper” magazines that are free for consumers, and ads can be very inexpensive. For just a few dollars, you can teach thousands of people in your local area.

Thrifty Nickel is one type of classified ad paper that is available in many areas in the U.S. You can also check AmericanClassifieds.com to find out more places to advertise.

Google AdWords also has traditional media advertising available, allowing you to advertise offline via newspapers, radio, and even television. While national TV ads may not be within your budget, you may be surprised at how affordable local radio and TV spots can be. I’ve heard of people getting a local TV ad for as little as $100!

Text Alerts

In order to make the most of your campaigns, you can also have your local customers sign up for text alerts. You can let people know they can get coupons, discounts, and news in the niche you’re promoting sent straight to their mobile phone for free. Once they sign up, you’ll be able to market to them again and again.

You can get a great service through:


With this service, you can build text alert lists that can be used to promote affiliate products. This can be a remarkably effective way to promote online products, especially since so many mobile phones now have internet access.

You can even choose to promote affiliate products that are directly geared to mobile phones. These days, many products have mobile editions, and this is a great way to promote them.

Check out the next section to find out another use for your mobile marketing list!

Additional Income from Mobile Marketing

As additional money from your own list with SendTextAlerts.com, or by helping other business owners build their own lists, you can promote local businesses.

Once you build a large list of local customers, you can offer to send ads out for local businesses to your own list. You can charge them a set fee, or you can ask them to pay you a commission based on results.

You can get business cards printed up to hand out to local businesses. Include your link to get them on your mailing list. This way they can sign up to see for themselves exactly how it works before they elect to buy advertising from you.

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