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Table Of Contents    2
Holiday Travel With Kids    3
The Art Of Packing    4
The Computer List    5
10 Tips For A “Team Effort” Packing List    5
The Organized List    7
21 Things Not To Forget    7
Traveling Abroad    9
Documentation    9
If You Are Leaving The Country Without Your Spouse    10
Keeping Your Child Safe    11
Vital Resources To Check Before Traveling Abroad    12
Overseas Travel And Health    13
Food Abroad    14
What About The Water?    15
Traveling Abroad    16
Weather    16
Language    17
Manners And Customs    17
Helping Children Prepare For Flight    19
Unexpected Delays    21
Children And Food    24
Taking A Play Kit    25
Practical Gadgets    26
Travel With Special Needs Children    27
Travel In Developing Countries    28
Safety During Your Trip    29
What To Do In An Emergency    30
First Aid Kit    30
Resources    35
Hotlines    37
Websites    37
Stores    38
Books    38

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Holiday Travel With Kids

“Mommy, Are We There Yet?”

We’ve all been on trips where crying children, sibling fights and repetitive complaints have turned a trip into a nightmare to be endured, rather than enjoyed.  We’ve forgotten favorite toys, wished we brought crayons, and realized we forgot to buy a bite stick for that insect sting (or left it on the bathroom counter).

We’ve had kids get sick, hungry, angry, bored, miserable and tired. (At one time, we’ve probably even been those kids!)

But history is not doomed to repeat itself. We can turn a potential nightmare trip into one that’s a fun, family bonding experience – yes, even the sort the commercials like to portray.

All it takes is proper planning – and a few good, tried-and-true tips and resources!

But there’s more to traveling with your children than just keeping them entertained.  Things to think about and plan for include:

• Physical safety
• Security
• Keeping them fed and well-hydrated
• Providing medical first aid and care
• Packing efficiently
• Obtaining and carrying correct documentation
• Being aware of conditions in developing countries (if we are traveling to one)
• Safety precautions for different types of vehicles – usually planes, trains, buses and automobiles…

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