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Table Of Contents

Part 1 – Preparing Your Child For School
Learning Begins Early
What Does It Mean To Be Ready for School?
Birth to 1 Year
Developing Trust
Touch and See!
1 to 2 Years
Shop till You Drop
Puppet Magic
Moving On
2 to 3 Years
Read to Me!
Music Makers
Play Dough
3 to 4 Years
Kitchen Cut-Ups
Scribble, Paint, and Paste
4 to 5 Years
“Hands-on” Math
Getting Along
My Book
What About Kindergarten?
Part 2 – Preparing Your Child For Success In School
Where Our Children Learn
What Our Children Learn From Us
How Our Children Learn From Us
What Messages To Send
Can You Top This?
Listen Up
Time Marches On
Now You See It, Now You Don’t
Start to Finish
I’m OK, We’re OK
Where Did I Put That?
My Place
Well Done!
How Time Flies
Homework Made Easy(!)
Divide It Up
Help Wanted
How Can I Help?
TV Time
Parents and the Schools
Good Television Habits
Choosing Child Care
Ready-for-School Checklist

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Part 1 – Preparing Your Child For School

Learning Begins Early

The road to success in school begins early. Good health, loving relationships, and opportunities to learn all help preschool children do well later in life. But many parents wonder, “How can I give these things to my child?”

This section is for all of you who have asked this question. It’s for parents, grandparents, and others who want to know what to do to help young children get ready for school. Throughout the preschool years, you can do many simple things to help your child grow, develop, and have fun learning. This book:

* Describes the qualities and skills that youngsters need to get a good start in kindergarten;

* Tells what to expect from preschoolers each year from birth to age 5;

* Suggests easy activities that help children grow and develop; and

* Explains how to encourage enthusiasm toward school and teachers and make it easier for children to adjust to kindergarten.

Special sections in the back of the book tell how to monitor television viewing and find good programs; and explain how to find suitable child care.

Parents and caregivers are busy people. Most of us have many responsibilities: jobs outside the home, laundry to wash, and groceries to buy. When we are tired and under stress, it’s often hard to feel we are being the best parents.

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