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The face of marketing has changed drastically over the past century or so. The earliest marketing messages had to be either written or delivered in person. Sales pitches were found in newspaper ads, on signs and in direct mail pieces. Then came the invention of radio, and subsequently radio advertising. That was followed by television, and later by email and the Internet.

It’s rather mind-boggling how many different ways we have to reach our target market today. But despite all of these technological advances, the written word remains instrumental to any marketing effort. Copywriting might be one of the oldest marketing methods, but it is far from obsolete.

In fact, the Internet has given copywriting a whole new venue. Putting sales letters online allows us to reach those who will buy our products more easily and less expensively. So knowing how to write copy that sells is perhaps more important now than it has ever been before.

Since copywriting is such an ancient craft, there has been plenty of time for professionals to determine what works and what doesn’t. While there are some trends that come and go, the main principles have remained the same. Today’s marketers can benefit tremendously from the trial and error of copywriters over the years.

If you know the basics of copywriting but are ready to take it to the next level, this report can help. Keep reading to learn how you can tweak your copy to get more out of your sales pages and other marketing materials.

A Basic Principle That’s Worth Repeating

Beginning copywriters often want to know what one thing they can do to make their sales copy more effective. Of course, it isn’t really that easy. There are lots of elements that go into a great sales letter. But there’s one fundamental rule that should remain in the back of your mind throughout every piece of copy you write. And that’s to focus on benefits, not features.

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