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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Law of Attraction – What It Really Is and What It Is Not
Chapter 2:
Understanding the Secret
Chapter 3:
Mindset and Management
Chapter 4:
Pivoting Your Thought Process
Chapter 5:
The Secret and Your Money
Chapter 6:
Wealth Manifestation through the Law of Attraction
Chapter 7:
Applications to Internet Marketing
Chapter 8:
The Secret and Your Health
Chapter 9:
Balancing the Inner Self and the Outer Self
Chapter 10:
Improving Your Future

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Understanding The Secret

Have you read or watched the Secret (

This is the Secret: thoughts create things.

What things make up your life? Are they things you love or things you’d rather change? Do you often feel that you’d be happy “if only?” “If only” you had that job, “if only” you had that amount of money, “if only” you had that perfect body. Or perhaps “someday” wonderful things are coming your way, but they haven’t happened yet.

Once you master the Secret you will never make the mistake of feeling that way again.

That’s right! It’s a mistake!

Your thoughts have been creating the life you’ve had so far. And thoughts can be changed.

Thoughts of success, abundance, happiness, beauty, strength, and health energize us. We begin to resonate with these things. We take positive, fruitful action which feels effortless. We attract people who are willing to open up doors, people who can teach us what we need to know, people with the resources we need.

This is called The Law of Attraction. The Secret is nothing less than the science of how thought interacts with quantum physics to create our experiences. You don’t even have to understand it. You just have to do it.

Try it out today. Start small. Start with something that you won’t talk yourself out of. Do you want a great relationship with your boss? Sit down. Picture what that looks like. Picture it in every intimate detail. What does it feel like? Feel those feelings. Be thankful today that you have such a great relationship with your boss.

Then claim it. Begin acting as a great relationship with your boss is how it is, always has been, and always will be. Pretend if you have to. Smile. Speak with the confidence someone with a great relationship with his boss has.

Watch what happens. Then prepare to be excited.


Personal development is extremely crucial to Internet marketing. If you want to build your business, believe in your business!

Mindset and Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you staring at a long list of tasks and new terminology, from SEO to social bookmarking? Is some nagging voice in the back of your head trying to tell you, as you stare at the world wide web, that this is not your Grandfather’s way of making money, so how true could it be?

Well, you’re right about part of it, this isn’t your Grandfather’s way. This is your way, and it’s going to be fantastic!

Every journey, it is said, begins at the first step. Your first step is to work on you. Before you buy hosting, before you load up your web page, before you build your list, you have to know how to get your head in the game and how to keep it there. You’re taking a leap of faith into a vast, wild territory that changes every single day. You’re one drop in a shifting sea. In order to stand out, you need confidence. You need personal development.

You need to apply the Secret.

The Secret is just this: everything begins with a thought. Thoughts lead to actions, which leads to the results of those actions made manifest in your life.

The Orville brothers had a thought about a flying machine. They took the action of sitting down to design their machine and then going out to test it. They manifested the ability for you to go to an airport and be anywhere in the whole world in a matter of hours.

And you thought you were sailing uncharted waters!

Thoughts like, “I can’t do this,” “this won’t work,” “well, I’ll give it a shot, but if it doesn’t work out I guess I’ve got my day job to fall back on,” lead only to two kinds of actions. Inaction or inefficient action.

Either you talk yourself out of starting, or you spin your wheels reading email after email and surfing website after website without ever really getting your feet wet. As a result, your life fails to manifest a working internet business that gives you the freedom you really want.

Compare this to positive, super charged thoughts like: “Nothing’s going to stop me. I have every tool I need. Other people have done this and so can I. I’m totally committed. I won’t hold back. I’ve got a plan.”

Thoughts like this lead to you taking appropriate action. You create that product. You build that list. You stop fretting over the technicalities and the “can’t do” and get creative about the “can do.” You start outsourcing anything you can’t deal with on your own. You keep learning. You polish up your management skills and you keep your mind in the right place—and little by little, your small efforts turn into something much bigger: the manifestation of a new life.


So how do you go about developing this kind of thought process, where you think you are the center of the universe and everything just exists in your frame of reference?

Pivoting Your Thought Process

In order to create the subjective thought process that the Law of Attraction demands of you, it is very important that you create the right frame of reference. You have to be like the person seeing everything in a dream. Your perceived reality is actually the things that are happening in your frame of reference, which is just another name for your consciousness. But, you need to put a finger on this consciousness. You need to anchor it. This aspect – anchoring your conscious mind – is known as pivoting your thought process.

When you begin pivoting your thought process, the primary requirement is to have a fixed point from where you can begin. Usually, this fixed point is your resolve, your intention, your motive, your purpose. For example, if you really need to start a business, your resolution to do that is your pivot. The stronger you resolve to achieve that, the more profound your pivot will be. That is why people who have stronger resolutions are able to achieve better things than people who don’t have a very strong mindset to achieve something.

If you consider your desire as your pivot and see everything from that perspective, everything begins falling into place. You feel as though everything that’s happening is happening as a means of bringing you closer to your desire. In the above instance, if your desire to start a business is your pivot, then you feel as though everything happening in your life is taking you one step closer toward realizing your dreams. This includes the positives as well as negatives. If you suddenly meet someone, you feel that somehow that will be connected with your new business, which isn’t yet started but you have no apprehensions in your mind about it. You also feel that your getting fired from your desk job was something that will take you closer to having your own business.

People who believe in the Law of Attraction staunchly build such pivots in their minds. Then on, their entire life is focused on this pivot. This is what drives them and motivates them into coming closer to their goals.

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