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{Hairloss isn’t restricted to a particular gender or age; that’s why both men, women, young or old suffer from it.|You might be male, female, old or young and still suffer from hair loss.|Hair loss occurs indiscriminately in both old and young, males and females.|Being male or female, young or old, can’t save you from hair loss; it’s not gender or age specific.|Hair loss can single out anyone as a victim notwithstanding the sex or age.|Hair loss is a condition that doesn’t single out its victims based on age or sex.|Victims of hair loss include women, men and children.|Anyone can experience hair loss whether young or old, male or female.|Hair loss can happen to anybody in the sense that men, women and children can be afflicted.|Hair loss doesn’t occur in only a particular age group or a particular sex.} {Yes, your age doesn’t matter either.|Yes, victims of hair loss aren’t selected on the basis of age.|Yes, the person may be of a very young age and still suffer hair loss.|Age doesn’t determine hairloss too.|Hair loss can strike people of all ages.|Age is insignificant where hair loss is concerned.|You could be 5 years old or 50 and suffer from hairloss.|Another feature of hair loss is that it attacks people of all ages.|Your age doesn’t determine whether you will suffer from it or not.|Hair loss can strike an individual despite his or her age.} {What this means is that hair loss can happen to anybody.|Therefore, anyone can end up being a victim of hair loss.|This problem of hair loss can therefore happen to any person.|We will be right to conclude that anybody can suffer from hair loss.|No one can tell what causes hair loss but from all indications, it can happen to anyone.|Anyone can end up being a victim of hair loss despite age, occupation or any such factor.|Hair loss victims don’t suffer from this condition for any particular reason.|Hair loss picks its victims randomly.|People who are afflicted by hair loss can’t really prevent it.|Hair loss can happen to ANYONE including you.}

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