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{You may have had breast cancer treatment. As a result you may be finding it very difficult to lead a normal sexual life. However what you should know is that you are not alone. What every woman requires and very crucial is a sexual health program after a breast cancer treatment. |Do you know that it is very hard to have sex after undergoing procedures like chemotherapy and radiotherapy? You may experience side effects like vaginal dryness. This usually originates from premature menopause, which provokes pain when having sex.|The procedures of treating breast cancer through either radiotherapy or chemotherapy usually render the breast rather prone to becoming very receptive. Hence, when a spouse touches the breast it causes pain and discomfort to the woman.}

{If you have undergone breast cancer treatment, it is very crucial you pay constant visits to your gynecologist during the procedure and even after the treatment. This is important because it will help to prevent you from having problem of cervical cancer and atrophy of the vagina. |If you have just had breast cancer surgery, you don’t have to worry because side effects from this procedure do not last for a very long time. You can go back to your normal sex life six months after having breast cancer treatment. However, the period of waiting to be fit will not be without stress and tension so you will need to stick to the instructions of your doctor. }

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