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{Dogs are particularly sensitive creatures that need to be handled with the utmost care if you are going to get the best out of them. Dog training is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you and your dog co exist in harmony. Without the proper training, your dog can be a constant source of frustration to you.|The training of dog begins during the period in its life when its socialization skills are being developed. If you train a dog too early, it will not learn anything because it hasn’t developed to the extent that it can learn. Training your dog when it has already developed its own undesirable characteristics may prove to be an extremely difficult task.|The neonate period refers to the first two weeks of a puppy’s life. During the neonate period, a dog is incapable of learning anything by experience. The neonate period is not the time to train your puppy because its motor skills and senses are still underdeveloped. }

{Researchers in the area of dog study have recently incorporated the study of the prenatal period of puppy’s life to further understand dogs. During the prenatal period, it is believed that touching the pregnant dog makes her litter more docile. If you have a pregnant dog, strive to keep in touch with it regularly through physical contact as puppies respond a lot to that.|A litter of puppies that grow up in an environment dominated by humans are bound to be more amicable than puppies reared away from a human setting. Human contact over a consistent period with puppies foster the development of well mannered puppies. Training your puppies to obey your command is a vital part of a dog’s life.}

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