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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Mistakes, Personal Experience and Strategies

Chapter 2: Viper-The Foundation To Goal Achievement

Chapter 3: About Your Goals

Chapter 4: Hints On Technique

Chapter 5: Writing Self Affirmations

Chapter 6: Stay Motivated

Chapter 7: Base Your Goals On Your Values

Chapter 8: Check Your Progress And Take Action

Wrapping Up

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Till one is committed, there’s reluctance, the opportunity to pull away, always ineffectiveness. Regarding all acts of initiative and creation, there’s one primary truth the ignorance of which obliterates countless ideas and brilliant plans: that the minute one decidedly commits oneself, then providence moves also.

All types of things happen to help one that would never otherwise have happened. A whole river of events comes forth from the decision, raising in ones favor all fashion of unexpected incidents, meetings and material help which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you are able to do, or dream you can, start it! Nerve has genius, magic, and power in it.

Trust you are able to achieve the goal:

Each of us bears a little voice in our head. It’s the voice of our subconscious mind, judging self. On a day-to-day basis, we lock in self-talk; we judge every situation we encounter. We talk about events and plans in our minds. Our commentary is both favorable and damaging. Favorable ideas and planning support the achievement of our goals. Damaging ideas and comments sabotage our self-respect and self-assurance, and negatively affect our ability to achieve our goals.

Hear your voice. You are able to alter its tone by trusting in yourself and in your ability to achieve your goals and resolutions. Utilize this unconscious critic to positively confirm your goal setting success.

Paint a brilliant final result:

Traditionally, goals were instituted around measurable results. This works well if the results are measurable. Don’t tie yourself to arranging only measurable goals, however; you might find yourself centering on the trivial, as it’s measurable, instead of on your most significant results. Occasionally the most significant goals, the non-urgent, vital goals, are difficult to measure.

“Research alternatives for a business in the net”, is hard to measure, whereas the steps, when you make a conclusion, are simple to measure. “Study about fresh options and thinking around performance management”, is hard to measure in any substantial way. The following step, “design a fresh assessment system”, is simpler to specify and measure.

With goals that are difficult to measure, begin with a picture in your brain, that you place on paper, that describes the result you’re looking for. Make the picture as brilliant as you are able to.

Chapter 8:

Check Your Progress And Take Action


Among the weaknesses of any yearly assessment system is the lack of frequency with which progress and success are assessed and tracked. You’re most likely to achieve the goals you set if you go over them every day as part of your normal planning process.

Get Moving

Whether you utilize a paper planner or a hand-held microcomputer, you are able to enter your goals, and schedule every day and weekly actions that affirm their achievement. The discipline of the every day recap is a powerful goal achievement tool. Merely tracking your goals every day isn’t adequate. If you’re unhappy with your forward motion, you have to evaluate what is keeping you from achieving the goals. Ask yourself questions like, “Is this goal truly crucial?”

Are there particular obstacles you are going through which are interfering with your power to achieve the goal?” If you are not making progress on a specific goal, try to do a cause analysis to decide why. Only by truthfully examining your lack of progress may you determine steps to take to change this picture.

Even the achievement of a minor goal is cause for festivity. Don’t depress yourself with thoughts about all you still have to accomplish. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Then advance to the next milestone.

Periodically look at the goals you’ve set for this year. Are the goals still the correct goals? Provide yourself permission to alter your goals and resolutions based on changing conditions.

Don’t spend a whole year failing to accomplish a specific goal. Your time is better spent on accomplishment than on beating yourself up for lack of forward motion. Perhaps you made the goal too huge; perhaps you set too many goals. Do a truthful appraisal; change what has to change periodically, and march on.

Wrapping Up

In the quest of your goals, you’ll without doubt face matters that swerve you off track. It’s all right to be frustrated in the process. Face your letdown, learn how to cope with it, but don’t let yourself be plagued by it.

As long as you carry out the VIPER model, you’ll experience success with your goals. Regardless how hard a goal may appear to be, it will be possible to accomplish it.

If you feel the goal appears unattainable, it’s because you haven’t uncovered the fundamental set of patterns and paths that let you accomplish it. When you successfully do that, you’ll find that the goal is exceedingly accessible.

Remember that the earth’s most successful individuals have set huge goals and accomplished them as they kept their steadfast vision. When you properly draw up the map associating you to your end destination, all it takes is doggedness before you finally accomplish your goals. As you go after your goals, remember to savor the journey.

Goal accomplishment is but one stop; the journey is the longest of the whole procedure. You must savor your journey.

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