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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Radio Shows 4
What Free Talk Show Services Are Available 4
Before The Pros and Cons Of Each 5
TalkShoe Live – Pros and Cons 5
Blog Talk Radio – Pros and Cons 6
Paid Internet Talk Radio Studio Services 6
Chapter 2 – The Best Service Out There 8
Sign up: 8
New Hosts; TalkShoe Step-By-Step Instructions 10
Sign In: 11
Recovering Your Username and/or Password: 12
Creating and Scheduling Your First Call: 12
Creating a New Call Series: 12
Creating a New Episode: 13
Accessing Any of Your Call Series 13
Starting Your Call/Show: 14
Running Your Call/Show: 14
Tell Callers How to Reach Your “Shoe”: 14
Changing a Call Series from Private to Public 15
Changing an Episode Date, Start Time, Title, or Description: 15
Chapter 3 – Preparation 16
Using The Listener/Participant Invitation System 17
Chapter 4 – Practice Makes Perfect 18
Get 3 To 5 Friends To Join Your Rehearsal Call (Or More) 18
What You Should Test During Your First Rehearsal 18
Can You Hear Them? Can They Hear You? 18
Making Your Talk Show Control Board Your Friend 19
Recording Solo Practice Calls 19
Muting and Un-muting Callers 19
Practice using the Control Panel Chat System 19
Chapter 5 – Fearless Presentations 20
Preparation Is Key 22
You Can Practice Live All You Want Live For Free 22
Plan Your Rehearsals But Keep Them Simple 23
Free Teleprompter Available 23
Standard Format For I-Talk Shows 23
Chapter 6 – Dealing With Crowds 28
House Rules – Laying Down The Law 28
Opening Your Call With All Callers Muted 30
The Potential For Irate Callers Is An Unknown 30
Managing Your Talk Show From Anywhere By Phone Only 30
Chapter 6 – Running The Show 31
To Produce Yourself Or Not 31
Adding Music and Sound Intro’s With vEmotion 33
Using Soft Phones (VoIP) to Host Your Show 33
Chapter 7 – Organization 35
Planning Your First Live Show 35
How To Find And Prep Your Guest Expert 35
Discovery Call 37
Send The Pre-Interview Call Agenda 38
Be On Time For The Pre-Interview Call 39
Preparing For Your First Live Show 39
Chapter 8 – Promotion 41
All The Normal Internet Ways To Promote A Site 41
Promoting Your Shows As Pod Casts 42
Low Cost – Now Cost Pod Cast Promotion & Marketing 42
What You’re Really After 42
So Lets Get To What You’re Really After 43
Knowing Your Features and Selling The Benefits 46
Listing Your Pod Casted Shows In Pod Cast Directories 48

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Before The Pros and Cons Of Each

Please understand these systems are free. This is the Internet we are talking about and the Internet is far from perfect as you well know.

Both TalkShoe and Blog Talk Radio (BTR) will occasionally have technical issues that can be troublesome. However, when hosting on these systems, understanding your shows are not costing your $100.00 to $1,000.00 each to produce. They are free.

You can take a look at each system’s Forums and see that indeed there are issues with each. However you will find far less complaints regarding technical issues on TalkShoe’s Forum than you will for Blog Talk Radio’s Forum over the last 30 day period. This may change, but as of this writing, that’s the way it stands.

As well it has been my experience that TalkShoe out performs BTR on the technical front. I have interviewed 5 talk show hosts from BTR and TalkShoe. Both have their reasons for sticking with the system they are with.

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