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Though there are no proven causes for endometriosis, this next set of tips will go over some of the theories of what these causes may be.

21. Blockage

Every day, Blood and tissue is shed into the body. Over time, this can cause inflammation and pain. As this tissue grows, it can cover the ovaries and fallopian tubes. This can also hurt the chances of getting pregnant.

22. Faulty Immune System

Some scientists believe that many women with endometriosis have certain immunologic defects or dysfunctions. What scientists don’t know is whether this faulty immune system is a cause or effect of endometriosis.

23. Metaplasia

Metaplasia happens when one normal type of tissue changes into another normal type of tissue. Some researchers believe that endometrial tissue has the ability in some cases to replace other types of tissues outside the uterus.

24. Retrograde Menstruation

There is a theory that states that menstrual tissue flows backwards through the fallopian tubes. This is called “retrograde flow.” While the tissue is flowing, it leaves deposits on the pelvic organs where it seeds and grows. This is currently not a working theory, because researchers have found that 90% of women have retrograde flow, but since most don’t develop endometriosis.

25. Genetics

Some studies show that first-degree relatives of women with this disease are more likely to have endometriosis as well.

26. Lymphatic Distribution

Some researchers believe that fragments from endometriosis travel through the blood or the lymphatic system to other parts of the body. This could explain how endometriosis ends up in other body parts.

27. Environmental

There is currently a controversial study that states that environmental factors can contribute to endometriosis. This same study says that toxins especially have an effect on the reproductive hormones and immune system.


There are many hormone treatments available to women suffering from endometriosis. This next set of tips will discuss these treatments.

28. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills can make endometriosis less painful. They prevent the monthly build-up, and breakdown any growths that you may get.

29. Progestins

Progestins work a lot like birth control pills. They made this treatment specifically for women who can’t take estrogen. They can also make periods lighter and shorter.

30. GnRH Agonists

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonists (GnRH Agonists) slow down the growth of endometriosis, thus relieving the symptoms. They work by reducing the amount of estrogen in your body, which stops your monthly cycle.

31. Danazol

Danazol is a weak male hormone. It’s not used very much these days, however. Danazol works much like GnRH Agonists, but it often causes side effects like weight gain, oily skin, smaller breasts, tiredness, and hot flashes.

32. Mirena

Mirena is a Progestin Intrauterine Device (IUD). It works by preventing ovulation. If fertilization does occur, it alters the lining of the uterus to prevent implantation.

33. Aromatase Inhibitors

Aromatase inhibitors are a newer treatment for women with endometriosis. Studies have shown that aromatase inhibitors are effective, however, a total of only 65 patients were included in these studies. Needless to say that research and treatment of endometriosis with aromatase inhibitors is still in its early days.


This next set of tips will go over some of the surgeries available to diagnose and treat endometriosis.

34. Laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is a surgery where doctors remove growths and scar tissue that causes the pain in endometriosis. A tiny cut is made in your abdomen, and a thin tube with a light is placed inside. The doctors can then see the growths, make a diagnosis.

35. Laparatomy

Laparotomy requires a much bigger cut in the abdomen than with laparoscopy. The doctor then can reach inside and remove growths of endometriosis in the pelvis or abdomen. Recovery can take up to two months.

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