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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Evaluate Where You Are

Chapter 2:
Ascertain What Data You Have To Acquire

Chapter 3:
Apply Data

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All right, fantastic, you’re doing great. Evaluate yourself. When you’re fared, put all your papers together and hang on to them.

Personal — how you feel regarding yourself: your self-regard and self-worth

Your personal facet reverberates how you feel regarding yourself in terms like self-regard, self-esteem, self-assurance, and the like. It’s how you carry yourself: ashamed or pleased with whom you are. It’s the region in your life that you’re most knowledgeable about. It ties intimately to your mental view in that it reverberates what you believe, and it links up closely to your tangible facet in that it evidences directly into your health & fitness condition. It’s told that love of yourself is the most capital love that is, as you care for yourself with honor and extreme regard, you indeed love the light of the higher power inside you. And when you love the Divine, you love all that’s around you. Your greatest interest, consequently, is to be merciful and gentle and fond and most of all, forgiving of yourself. When you do, you’ll find that within is truly the best friend you are able to have.

Follow the steps higher up. Put down everything that hits you. Don’t suppress anything. How do you handle yourself? Do you even understand yourself, or have you fended off getting to know the real you as you’ve been told again and again that you have to care about other people before you care about yourself? Perhaps that’s what you’ve been instructed. But consider it cautiously. Does it truly add up? How may you spread felicity if you’re not pleased yourself? How may you love other people if you don’t even understand what it feels like?

Answer these central questions . . .

How well have I minded of my own requirements?
How do I truly feel regarding myself?
How has that affected the way I feel about other people?
What may I do to fortify my inner relationship?
What would make me the most pleased person on the planet?

Last question . . . What do I need to accomplish to make a shift?

All right, evaluate yourself. Don’t be too difficult on yourself. Remember, be kindly and gentle. When you’re finished, put all your papers together and hang on to them. You’ll require them later.

Emotional — how you connect with other people: especially your family

Your emotional facet is the twin sister of your personal facet. It reverberates how you feel about other people. Love is central to making all your aspirations a truth. And not just love for yourself, but love for all those close to you—your loved ones, your acquaintances, your sweetie, your pets, and our dear Mother Earth. Love comes in a lot of fashions: tolerance, respect, regard, caring, forgivingness and compassion, just to name some. Your might in this crucial region dictates how solid your relationships are; how well you interact with a lot of different favorable and damaging energies around you, and how close you are to tapping your interior core. The great thing about this energy is that it’s abundant in the cosmos and that it dwells everyplace, merely waiting for you to rein in and to portion out.

Well, you understand the drill, follow the steps higher up. This is a fantabulous chance for you to assess your relationships. How are you getting on with other people? What sorts of relationships are you in? Are they trustful, empowering, joyous, the best you’ve ever experienced? Or are they dredging you down? Are they scornful, particularly emotionally abusive—full of wrath, hate, rage, and other major bunches of glum energies? If so, how come? And why are you still milling about?

Answer these central questions . . .

Where am I with all my relationships, particularly in my love life?
How well do I get on with the individuals around me?
How has it impacted the individuals I love?
How may I make my relationships less attackable?
What would make me the most pleased person on the planet?

Last question . . . What do I need to accomplish to make a shift?

Now evaluate yourself. Remember, you’re scaling how satisfied you are with your power to get on with other people, not the other way around. When you’re finished, put your papers together and keep them at hand.

Vocational — how you feel about your occupation: what you’re doing today

The vocational facet is the most crucial facet of your life. It holds the central element of your master plan. I’m not just discussing a job. I’m discussing your purposefulness, your calling, your charge — whether it is an applied scientist, a creative person, a minister, an instructor, a full-time mommy or daddy, or an explorer searching the world. You’re here to learn the lessons you selected. And what you bear in your center are the deep wants to study those lessons. Those wants are your passions. They’re the energies that transform into those natural born powers that make you perfect at what you do. If you’re not abiding by your heart, you likely have layers of damaging energies evidenced as feelings of sorrow, defeat, letdown, and surrender. But if you’re abiding by Spirit, you’re in all likelihood feeling on top of the world with a rich sense of achievement.

All right, one more time, abide by the steps higher up. What you do bears on how you feel. That successively drives how you handle yourself as well as how you handle everybody around you. Be open, say it like it is. What do you like doing? How does that equate with what you’re doing today? Do you feel that you’re following a clear-cut aim in life, or are you just punching in and making a payroll check? If so, what do you believe?

Answer these central questions . . .

How has my occupation added to my life?
How has it added to the cosmos around me?
How may I act on what I’d truly love to do?
What would make me the most pleased individual on the planet?

Last question . . . What do I need to accomplish to attain a shift?

You’re almost done. Appraise yourself one more time. When you’re finished, place all your papers together and hang on to them.

Did you happen to observe that I kept one central question the same through all the areas we addressed? If you didn’t note it, return and find it. I kept it for a really crucial reason. Can you hazard why?

Take an adept look at your self rating. How gratified are you overall? Do you see yourself more gratified in a few areas than in others? Can you determine how what you think bears on how you feel, and how that affects your physical health and fitness? How does your occupation link up with the additional facets? Favorable? Damaging? Uncertain? Can you ascertain more clearly where you might have major bunches of damaging energies barricading access to your core? How do you feel about this?

Can you ascertain, at any rate somewhat, how you are able to make a few improvements to your life? Can you feel a fresh direction, maybe a growing want to make a few shifts? Change is a ceaseless state of being. It’s a normal path. It’s how we bestow value to ourselves, and how we make our aspirations come true.

Review your answers from time to time and make adjustments.

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