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Table Of Contents

A Week in the Life of a True Romantic
The Little Things Mean A lot
A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss
Romance Fundamentals
Flower Translation
Bring Out The Romantic In Him
Nurture Romantic Rituals
Expressions Of Love
New Hope For A Tired Relationship
Create A Romantic Nickname
Creative Ways To Enhance Your Love Life
The Art Of Writing A Love Letter

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A Week in the Life of a True Romantic

You may be in a loving relationship, but, you don’t know the first thing about how to romance from the heart. Sure, you can say, “I love you,” just fine, but, all those wonderful, romantic ideas just seem to escape you.

Below you can take a page from a true romantic’s book. You can simply follow the guidance and do the do things, or, you can adapt the suggestions below to your own nature. Either way, you will be well on your way to being the true romantic!

Day 1:

– Leave a note professing your love for your partner to find during the day. Put the note where it will be found, easily. Try their briefcase, the driver’s seat of their car, in their coat pocket, in their lunch bag, taped to the receiver of the phone, taped to their computer, or left taped to a doorknob.

– As soon as you arrive home for the day seek out your partner and offer a big, loving kiss. Tell your partner how much you love him or her and ask about their day. Make this a new, daily habit.

– As an alternate idea, when your partner arrives home for the day, take their hand and pull them towards you aggressively. Offer a huge hug, kiss and say, “I missed you today!”

Day 2:

– While your partner showers, heat up his or her towel in the dryer.

– Have flowers delivered to partner at work.

– Surprise your partner by arriving home with their favorite drink, snack, or ice-cream.

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