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About The Authors 4
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing 5
Chapter 1
The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs 6
Chapter 2
Niche Affiliate Marketing 101 13
Chapter 3
Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tactics 18
Chapter 4
Affiliate Marketing Websites 23
Chapter 5
The Best Affiliate Marketing Tips 33
Resource Guide 36
Our Favorite Links 39
Special Thanks 40

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As our world‟s economy is on a path to disaster, more people every day are beginning to look to the internet to find ways to rid themselves of financial worries by starting an online business. Although there are many ways to earn money with an online business, the most proven way is through a form of marketing called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not a new state of the art thing; it‟s actually been around for quite a while. So what exactly is affiliate marketing, you‟re asking? Commission based sales is really what affiliate marketing is all about if you are familiar with that.

The definition of affiliate marketing -is the promotion of a third party product, in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds from any sales. In the earlier years, these sales were tracked on paper, but now modern affiliate marketers have very little to do in the allocation in the payment of commissions. Everything today is automated giving them more time on actual marketing of the affiliate products.

Choosing a program for an income stream is commonly done by signing up with one of the major affiliate product networks, Clickbank being the most dominating. Once you are signed up, this program is used to find suitable products that you can market from within the affiliate network. Once you pick your product, it‟s simple, begin your marketing process.

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