Facebook Fortune: How To Use Facebook To Whip Your Market Into A Money Machine Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Network Marketing Facebook Basics

Chapter 2:
Use A Great Profile And Appropriate Picture

Chapter 3:
Add Friends With Like Interests

Chapter 4:
Use Photo Albums And Videos

Chapter 5:
Learn How To Use Fan Pages

Chapter 6:
Learn How To Use Events

Chapter 7:
Use Exclusive Landing Pages

Reward Loyal Supporters

Chapter 9:
Learn About Facebook Marketplace And Plugins

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Network Marketing Facebook Basics


Just creating a profile is simply not the end to the Facebook style of launching and capitalizing on any endeavor. It entails much more than simply this and the following are some points to consider:

The Basics

After creating a suitable profile the continuous step of ensuring the line of communication is kept open at all times is important. Positioning the business platform and staying in touch with the viewers will give the site the exposure it needs.

Unfortunate but all so true is the fact that the eye makes judgments’ long before the actual material is examined therefore presenting a pleasing file picture is very important as is the follow up information featured.

This is the one chance the posting has to attract the viewer within the very slim window of opportunity.
The wall is the main platform of interaction thus the need to post relevant and interesting content. Keeping this light and entertaining will help to keep viewers come back for more.

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