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Table of Contents

Table of Contents … 2
Introduction … 4
Productivity Apps …. 5
Evernote … 5
MindNode . 6
Dropbox …. 7
Hill88 Pro for Asana . 8
1Password 9
Microsoft Word …. 9
Budget and Finance Apps … 11
Mint …. 11
StockTouch .. 11
Yahoo Finance .. 12
Social Media Apps 14
HootSuite 14
Pinterest .. 15
Facebook Messenger . 15
Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages Manager 16
Other Essential Apps . 17
Uber … 17
Lyft 17
Essential Apps for Entrepreneurs Mailbox … 18
Conclusion .. 19
Resources .. 20

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Productivity Apps

Productivity as an app category doesn’t just mean apps that will help you be more productive (such as time management and scheduling apps). It can also include apps like writing programs, art programs, cloud storage, and much more.


Evernote is an extremely popular app that is available on pretty much every major platform you can imagine. This program will allow you to do a tremendous number of things that will help organize your business life, as well as your personal life.

Some of the things you can accomplish with Evernote include:

• Taking notes, including research and ideas
• Compiling articles, photos, links and more
• Cataloging your content so you can easily search and find it later
• Create notebooks to organize information by project
• Draft agendas and to-do lists
• Plan travel
• Annotate PDFs
• Create contacts from pictures of business cards
• And lots more

The Evernote app was listed by the New York Times as a “Top 10 Must-Have App”. It has won awards from TechCrunch, Mashable, a Webby award, and more.

You can use a free subscription, or pay for a premium subscription for advanced features for $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded app to help you organize and plan, Evernote should be exactly what you’re looking for.


MindNode is the top mind mapping app. At $9.99, it isn’t cheap. But if you use mind mapping often, you will love its clean interface, ease of use, and in-depth features.

If you’ve never used mind maps before, you could try out one of the myriad free mind mapping apps that are available first to get an idea of how they work.

Basically, mind mapping allows you to organize and plan visually. It uses charts to help you accomplish organization and planning, spreading information out where it is easy to see at a glance instead of keeping it in a longer format like a PDF.

MindNode was featured as an Apple “App Store Best”.


Dropbox is the most popular app for cloud storage, and with its recent storage upgrades at no additional monthly cost (for example, the 100 GB plan was increased to a whopping 1 TB of storage) it’s no wonder they have taken over their market.

The Dropbox app will allow you to access your photos, documents, videos and other files from your iPad, making it a useful tool for accessing and sharing files on the go.

Even if you don’t want to pay for storage, you get 2 GB of space for free, which is plenty if you only need to store a small number of files on the service.

Hill88 Pro for Asana

Hill88 Pro is an app that works with Asana to bring the popular task management system to your device.

Asana is a free platform that will allow you to organize projects and tasks like never before. It’s free for personal use, and you can add teams to your account for a reasonable fee.

Asana has its own app, but Hill88 has better overall reviews and a much more solid interface, allowing you to take advantage of more of Asana’s powerful features.


If you have trouble remembering your passwords, you can use 1Password on your computer and your mobile devices to keep all of them organized in one easy-to-use system that will allow you to safely “forget” your passwords, knowing that whenever you need to log in somewhere, 1Password will remember for you!

Microsoft Word

If you have an Office 365 membership, you can take advantage of the Microsoft Word app to create and edit documents on the go. The most recent version will even integrate with Dropbox, so if you have documents stored on the service, you’ll be able to edit them from any location.
Budget and Finance Apps

Managing money is another essential function for any entrepreneur or even an individual. There are plenty of apps to choose from that can help, but these few apps are the best-of-the-best.


Mint is a personal finance app that is also great for entrepreneurs who are running their startups on their own. Mint will allow you to keep track of your spending and all of your bills and bank accounts in one central location.


Many entrepreneurs are also investors, and it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of stocks on the go. StockTouch will also you to do this and much more, including real-time quotes and stock prices, historical information that makes it easier than ever to choose the right investments, and much more.

The data for the free app is updated every 5 minutes, or you can get a subscription for $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year that will give you faster updates and more information.

Yahoo Finance

Another very popular app for tracking stocks and other information is the Yahoo Finance app. This app will let you follow the stocks you personally care about, as well as getting personalized news in the financial world and alerts that are relevant to you.

Some features include:

• Adding stocks to your watch list for real-time quotes
• Personalized news based on your watch list
• Track currencies, commodities and more

It’s also got an attractive and easy-to-navigate interface that makes it easy to find the information you need at a glance.

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