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Magazine Advertising .. 8
Local Giveaways & Events ………. 9
Free Stuff … 10
Free Sources …………. 11
Local Saver Papers …………… 11
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One of the best ways to get more mailing list subscribers is to form partnerships with local businesses (or even businesses in other locations) in order to leverage their marketing power while also benefitting them.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Create a small postcard, business card or flyer that tells people what freebie you’re offering as a signup incentive and include the URL to your squeeze page.
2. Approach a local business within your niche, or at least closely tied to it, and tell them you want them to distribute your marketing material.
3. In exchange, you can offer to send an email to your subscriber list on their behalf once every so often (bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, whatever you decide on.)
4. The business owner can then distribute your material in their shopping bags, on their checkout counters, on their bulletin board, or wherever else you and the owner agree on.

You can both benefit this way; because you get additional subscribers that match your niche, while the business owner gets access to the marketing list, you have already built without building his or her own list.
Partnerships work best if you are using a direct niche connection. For example, if you are selling a workout DVD you created, you’d want to partner with gyms and other similar businesses. However, you don’t necessarily have to have an exact match for the partnership to be beneficial.

For example, you might find success offering your fitness DVD in a woman’s clothing store, a lingerie shop, a tanning salon, or even a hair salon. Think of where your potential customers might shop, but also remember that the business owner will also want to believe your mailing list is a close enough fit to make it beneficial for him.

If you are worried about approaching businesses in person, simply create a query letter and send it to local business owners you think would be a good fit and then let them come to you. This way, you’ll feel less like you’re intruding and if they contact you then you can be sure they at least have some interest in your proposal.

Magazine Advertising

One major source of mailing list subscribers that a lot of people tend to overlook is magazine advertising. They tend to think it’s too expensive, or that magazine readers aren’t internet savvy.

First of all, most people are at least partially internet savvy these days. So just about any source of traffic will connect you with a decent number of people who have internet access and know how to make use of it.

But as more and more people use the internet instead of traditional media, magazines are finding it harder and harder to sell advertising and the cost has dropped considerably in many publications.

You can also contact the magazine just before their publishing deadline to see if they have any unsold advertising slots that you might be able to get at a discount. This could save you a significant amount of money.

The great thing about magazines is that they are available in just about any niche you can think about. Even if there isn’t one exactly in your niche, you can always find one that would involve a great potion of your market. (For example, advertising in a fashion magazine if you have a fitness product.)

Local Giveaways & Events

Keep an eye out for local events where you can find people who might be interested in your niche. Conventions in your niche would be ideal, as would swap meets or other events where your potential customers might gather.

Let’s say you’re selling that hypothetical fitness DVD and a large fitness convention comes to town. You could set up a booth at that convention (or even look into sharing a booth with someone else so you don’t have to pay for the whole thing on your own) and hand out your flyers letting people know a little about you and how to join your email list to get your free giveaway report (or whatever else you’re offering.)

Even if you don’t set up a booth, you may be able to walk around and pass out business cards or flyers to visitors. (Just be sure you find out the rules on this. Some conventions won’t allow it, and you’ll only get kicked out by security if you’re caught.)

One of the great things about attending conventions like this is that you also have the opportunity to meet other businesspeople in your niche with which you can partner, thus potentially locating another source (or sources) of leads.

Free Stuff

Incentives online are a good way to get subscribers, but offline freebies can also be a great incentive. For example, a local gym might allow you to pass out free bottles of water that have been re-labeled with your marketing material that have your URL on them.

Yes, it will cost you a bit of money to buy these incentives, but if you’re in a highly targeted area and you buy in bulk, they shouldn’t cost you all that much compared to the cost of acquisition for your typical email subscriber.

Here are some ideas of free items you could give out:

• Pens
• Bottles of water
• Magnets
• Stickers

Just be sure to tailor the items you give out to your target market, as well as to the location in which you’re handing them out. (For example, hand out water bottles at gyms or the beach, and hand out pens at schools, libraries, and office complexes.)

Free Sources

There are actually places you can advertise for free if you know where to look. Sure, some of them may not be as targeted as you might hope. However, the fact that they are free means you don’t have to worry about this, as your only expense will be a flyer or business card (which you should already have for use with some other methods) or a little time.

Local Saver Papers

Most locales have a saver paper that is full of local ads and coupons. This could be called something like:

• The Thrifty Nickel
• The Thrifty Saver
• The Budget Saver

You get the idea. These local papers can be a goldmine of free or very low cost ads, and if your product even remotely has mass appeal, they can be a great source of free leads. This is especially true if you have a great squeeze page and offer.

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