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An Introduction To Social E-Mail Marketing

While some people would like to have you believe that e-mail marketing will soon become extinct in 2012 and beyond nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many people that would like to have you believe the new way of communicating with friends and customers will soon be strictly social and skip the e-mail marketing process altogether.

While I will not deny that social marketing sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are a great way to stay in contact with your crowd we still need to heavily focus on quality e-mail marketing.

The ForeSee Results report on social media reports that 64% of consumers that are active on the Internet if given the choice prefer promotional contact from retailers by e-mail over of social media.

There’s also been tests and reports that have proven many times that e-mail marketing still pulls much higher conversion rates when selling products to consumers than any other type of customer contact including all forms of social media.

Admittedly social media outlets are a great way to get subscribers on to your e-mail list with freebies and premium bribes offered through the social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, following up with those customers is best done through direct response e-mail.

While there is very little doubt that social media is here to stay, I predict that in the very near future were going to start seeing e-mail begin to develop its own social medium interaction in ways we have never seen before..

A perfect example of this is a new app that you can hook up to your Gmail account called Rapportive.com

Rapportive is an incredible new Gmail app that shows you everything about your contacts right inside of your e-mail inbox.

Rapportive gives you instant updates on what your e-mail contacts are doing in all of their social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Rapportive gives you content rich profiles right inside of your Gmail account including a photo of the person you’re talking to. This kind of social interaction in your inbox gives your e-mail a more personal feel.

There are also links to allow you to follow anyone you may be e-mailing on the off chance that you’re not already socially connected to that person.

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