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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Darkworkers Basics
Chapter 2:
Darkworker Mentality
Chapter 3:
The Conscious
Chapter 4:
Are Darkworkers Villains
Chapter 5:
Looking Inside Yourself
Chapter 6:
Making A Choice Which Path To Take

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Chapter 2: Darkworker Mentality


Some people might actually label the path of darkworker as evil path. Some might regard them as negative people who do not know the meaning of love and peace. However, one must not fall into the trap of judgment.

It is important to note that darkworkers are not evil, pessimist and definitely not agnostics. They do not have any purpose of destroying the world because they actually enjoy life. Their goal is to neither hurt other people nor bring destruction in to this world. They are not depressive or suicidal because they know that such acts would be stupid and weak.

In contrast to what others believe, darkworkers enjoy life. They just actually do whatever they will. They are dependent and no any rule from the world could affect them, They set their own rule to follow, which make them honest people. They just do what they believe and want and not to please other people.

To be able to fully understand their way of thinking, it is best to take a closer look at their mentality.

Understanding The Darkworker Mindset

The flow of energy of Darkworkers are inward. If lightworkers create, darkworkers, on the other hand consumes. From a physical or earthbound perspective, a darkworker can actually have a destructive effect. They are building their power by obtaining or draining it from others. To darkworkers, such form of destruction is actually a natural and good act. Harming others, for them is morally not different from eating a meal.

To be able to determine the mindset of darkworkers, let us make a simple analogy. What is your view about eating animal flesh? Does it matter to you that an animal had to suffer and die so you can enjoy a gustatory pleasure?

To other people, eating animal flesh is considered as an immoral act. This cannot really be justified except maybe when an individual’s survival is in jeopardy. Robbing an animal of its life just to give yourself a momentary pleasure is viewed by some as an act of pure and unadulterated evil.

To some people, eating animal flesh is perceived as something that is completely natural. They consider animals as just lower species and man are smarter and they can always turn any animal into food. It does not matter how many animals suffer and die every day as long as their needs are completely satisfied. Many people can perhaps relate to such varying attitudes towards animals. Now, if you consider those attitudes towards animals and then you apply them towards people, you are basically getting the darkworker and lightworker polarities.

To true darkworkers, the life of another person is as inconsequential as the food animal’s life. Other people’s energy is nothing really more than a snack or a meal. If they harm or drain others on their pursuit to happiness or fulfillment, it is not really a big deal.

Most people have actually been socially conditioned to believe that it is not good to harm others and doing so for just personal gain or pleasure is completely evil. However, for a darkworker, whether other individuals are harmed or not is not really important. Harming other people is not viewed as a sacrifice. When it comes to a darkworker conscience, it is actually far different from lightworker’s. For darkworkers, letting go of an opportunity for personal gain will be regarded as negligent or evil. To them, it is just like turning down a very savory and delicious meal.

The primary frustration that darkworkers experience is that darkworking is not considered as socially acceptable. This means that they have to overcome a great amount of social resistance just to fulfill their goals. As a result, most darkworkers would prefer to keep their polarities secret, just the same as a hunter who does not advertise to animals in the forest that he is coming to get and eat them.

Darkworkers are very honest with themselves, but they are generally not honest and open with other people regarding their attitudes towards others. To them, being honest is just creating resistance in other people and it makes is harder for them to advance.

Chapter 3: The Conscious


Rather than directing their attention outwards, darkworkers focus their concentration and energy inwards. They become spiritual spelunkers who travel downwards into the caverns of the self, rather than outwards towards the ‘light’ and the sun.

Becoming a darkworker is not something that just happens to an individual. It is actually a conscious choice. If you decide to polarize, you are making a commitment to live a particular kind of life. It’s similar to making a dedication to a certain field that will take a long time to master. You have to dedicate yourself into it to be able to be more familiar in your field.

Darkworking requires a certain level of consciousness. When you polarize yourself as a darkworker, you’re dedicating your own life to serve yourself. For darkworkers, the elevation of their consciousness is actually all that matters. This is often achieved in a pursuit of greater control and power of one’s self. It is vital to have a deeper understanding of their conscious behavior to be able to fully understand their thoughts and their way of thinking.

The Darkworkers’s Level of Consciousness

How can darkworkers experience a higher level of consciousness such as peace and love? The initial description of a level of consciousness is actually biased to the opposite of darkworking.

For darkworkers, the level of love that is unconditional is inwardly directed as love of self which is like a greatly concentrated form of ignorance. This might be expressed outwardly in a form of a conceited attitude. However, inwardly, the person is just embracing the idea that he or she is the most important individual in this world and therefore should act accordingly. Honoring such perspective can lead to a feeling of peace which is the opposed meaning of humility.

Darkworkers experience unconditional love through recognizing that they are god, so they adopt a life of service to themselves. On the contrary, lightworkers see God in other people, so they are adopting a life of service to what they believe to be the greater good.

Eventually, these paths are leading to similar place. When the level of consciousness becomes lower, they become even more distinct. When you go up in levels, it will become even harder for you to see the dividing line that separates the two. Then you will notice that the actions of darkworkers and lightworkers become increasingly the same. This is due to the fact that ultimately, service to others and service to self becomes the similar thing when you reach a certain level of consciousness and acknowledge it.

You can think of the concept in this way: human beings are individual cells in a greater and larger body. The path of the darkworker is to devote life in doing what is best for the individual cell. On the other hand, the path of the lightworker is to do what is best for the entire body. As an individual cell become conscious or more aware, you will then realize that such different paths will just lead to similar place. Remember that a healthy body can’t exist without the existence of healthy cells and vice versa.

When at a lower consciousness level, such two different paths seem distinct. This is because one individual cell does not yet have a better understanding about the things that are truly the best for the entire body or for itself. An individual cell will make a lot of mistakes and irrational decisions.

Darkworker cells compete with the others, taking some resources from them to be able to ensure their survival. Ultimately, there is a blockage against that cell in order to preserve the body’s health. It will get punished because of its actions that hurt the body. This is what happens once a darkworker is not really conscious enough to recognize that his or her own good and the good of others are completely linked together.

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