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Debt Management PLR Autoresponder Email Series

Autoresponder Message Titles:

– Taking Control With Debt Management
– Debt Management Correcting The Course
– Programs For Debt Management
– Debt Management: The Controls
– Debt Management: Getting The Picture
– Online Debt Consolidation And Debt Management Services
– Comparing Debt Managements Services
– Debt Management Wiggle Room
– American Version Of Debt Management
– Responsible Debt Management
– Services For Debt Management
– Singing The Debt Management Blues
– Budgeting For Debt Management
– Debt Management And Home Equity Loans
– Free Programs For Debt Management
– Debt Consolidation Loans: Yes Or No?
– Easy Credit And Debt Management
– Debt Management And Health
– Debt Problems And Debt Management
– Getting Control Of Debt Management
– Debt Management Makes A Comeback
– Ways To Deal With Debt Management
– Debt Management And Consumer Counseling
– Is Debt Consolidation Your Debt Management Answer?
– Free Vs Paid Debt Management Services
– The Debt Management Trap: Credit Cards
– The Traps Of Debt Consolidation For Debt Management
– Debt Management Is A Good Thing
– Cleaning Up Past Debt Management Mistakes
– Good Debt Management Advice
– Surviving Debt Management Do-Overs
– Debt Management Is A Family Affair
– The Virgin Consumer And Debt Management
– Debt Management And Interest Rates
– Debt Management Experts
– Debt Management And Collecting Your Debts
– Debt Management When Starting A Business
– Debt Management And Credit Cards
– Debt Management: Getting The Priorities Straight
– Debt Management Debt Collectors
– Debt Management Agreements: The Pitfalls
– Credit Card Debt Management
– Debt Management And Credit Scores
– Five Secrets Of Debt Management
– Debt Management And Family Crisis
– The Debt Management Plan
– Debt Management Through Bankruptcy
– Debt Management For The Future
– Planning For Debt Management
– Debt Management By Negotiation
– Debt Consolidation Loans And Debt Management
– The Right Answer For Debt Management

Sample Affiliate Program Preview:

Genie Debt Reduction Program

“Effective Money Management Strategies to Cut in half your Home Loan and Pay off your Credit Card in 2 years instead of over 30.!” 50% commission equals $100.00 on Level 1 of every Sale. ($199.00 product price). Administered by PayDotCom.

Debt Free in About 3 Years

“Become 100% Debt Free in 3 to 5 Years GUARANTEED!” Earn 75% ($24.99) per sale, selling price is $39.97 with excellent bonus offers.

Living on a Dime

Includes all of the Living On A Dime E-Books in one package. Information about Paying Off Debt, Saving Money, Frugal Cooking And Homemaking. 50% commission of $14.13 – administered by Clickbank.

Scott Stephen’s Ultimate Debt Guide

“Learn The Amazing Secrets Of How I Got Rid Of $63,000 Of Debt In Only 4 Months W/o Filing Bankruptcy Or Debt Consolidation.” Earn 50% or $20.61/sale.

Lower My Bills

The Internet’s leading loan marketplace, is dedicated to providing consumers with fast, free mortgage comparisons. Our affiliates enjoy superior customer support, cutting-edge web tools, and industry expertise so they can consistently earn substantial revenue. Pays: $25 per Home Refinance Application; $25 per Debt Consolidation Application; $13 per Home Equity Application; $4 per Home Purchase Application; $8 to $14 per Debt Management Application. Administered through Commission Junction.

Debt Settlement

“Our innovative MyDebtNegotiation™ program helps consumers get out of debt by reducing the amount they owe by as much as 65%.” This is a CPA program paying $3.00 for each form that is filled out. Administered through Commission Junction.

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