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Chapter 1:
Securing The Order

Chapter 2:
Using Guarantees

Chapter 3:
Using P.S.

Chapter 4:
Structuring The Order Page To Complete The Order

Chapter 5:
Using An Exit Script In Case They Reject The Offer

Chapter 6:
How To Write A Good Thank You Page So Your Customer Feels Appreciated

Chapter 7:
Ways To Minimize Your Refund Rates

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Using Guarantees


You didn’t used to see a lot of guarantees for net services and digital products.

However today’s fresh generation of bloggers and entrepreneurs have chanced upon that this age-old offline strategy may be one of the most potent routes to more sales.

They understand that net buyers are harried by fears and doubts. And there’s nothing that will kill a sale faster than doubtfulness.

Take The Fear Away

After all, with a guarantee that’s potent, the company truly must trust that they have the best products ever, right?

That’s the might of a guarantee.

Too many individuals believe that selling is about talking individuals into purchasing things, as if you are able to wear individuals down with a barrage of words.

You can’t.

You are able to compose all the selling copy you want about how you’re the finest, provide awesome quality, and include lots of awesome content. All the same, it’s all for nothing if your likely customers have any doubts.

Doubt produces hesitation. Hesitation puts sales to death.

The resolution? You have to decrease the perceived risk individuals feel so there’s no hesitation to take you up on your proposal.

And that’s the key — risk decrease.

Think of this, if you’re selling on the net, individuals can’t experience the thing you’re marketing before they part with their cash. They can’t view it, hear it, feel it, taste it, or smell it. So there’s forever a level of doubtfulness and risk.

A guarantee helps you bring down the feeling of risk by resolving questions like “Is it all you say it is? What if it isn’t? May I return it if I wish to? Is there a catch?”

By a guarantee, they feel positive that they won’t be stuck with their purchase. And the very act of providing a solid guarantee lets customers know you truly trust the product is worth its selling price.

But there’s a different reason to utilize a guarantee — ethical motive.

You must value customers so much, that you simply don’t want them to have any product they don’t utterly love. You need to feel like if you don’t deliver great products, you don’t deserve the cash.

Wow! Many individuals think of buyer loyalty as buyers being loyal to a business. However how about a business being loyal to buyers? This is a formula for long-run success if I’ve ever seen one. And it all comes from a potent guarantee.

A guarantee might be the most crucial copy you ever write, but it isn’t rocket science.

Your guarantee ought to do 4 basic things:

• Reassure your buyer that you trust in the quality of your product.
• Spell out your terms and specifics clearly.
• Nail down a generous period of time for evaluation.
• State what you’ll do if the buyer is disgruntled.

Here’s the classic guarantee guide:

We supply the finest gizmos in the world. If you’re not totally satisfied for any reason, simply return your gizmo within 60 days for a total refund of your purchase price.

You are able to be more personal. Or stronger. Or more particular. Simply keep it short and sweet.

But what about setting limits?

• You may have a time limit: “If you’re not satisfied, return inside 30 days for a total refund.”
• You may have usage considerations: “With normal use …” or “When utilized according to directions …”
• You may have a liability limit: “Liability limited to the replacement cost of this product.”
• You may wish to specify repair or replacement instead of return: “If it doesn’t work as promised, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge.”
• Keep away from asterisks or teensy legal type. They simply produce the suspicion that you are a weasel.

Does a guarantee present a gamble for you?

This is a basic misconception. The logic becomes like this: “If I guarantee to repay money after somebody gets the product, they will rip me off.” This is particularly scary for individuals selling digital products.

The truth is, you may will get cheated by a couple of individuals. But in the long haul, what you acquire from additional sales will far outbalance what you lose from those scant few cheaters.

The sole time you take a chance is when you provide lousy products. Provide awesome products, and your “returns” won’t amount to a great deal.

Remember, your likely customers feel a particular level of risk if you offer something to them. A guarantee is your most beneficial tool for bringing down or doing away with that risk.

Chapter 3: Using P.S.


Individuals frequently ask me to improve their marketing copy. A few are amazed when I tell them there’s nothing truly amiss with their copy, it simply needs re-formatting to give it a little zest and make its message more readable and clear.

A Great Idea

In many cases, I tell people to add bold, underline, and utilize a P.S.

Here’s how come these simple add-ons may bring sales up to where you want them.

Many individuals read in a huge hurry and don’t take time to place all the emphasis in the correct places. They might pass over the most exciting, all-important piece of your offer. You are able to dramatically call attention to the advantages and features that will truly sell the deal by utilizing bold and underline. I flip-flop the two utilizing bold in some places, underlining a term or word in other places.

Utilize bold and underline so a reader may skim down your page and discover the most significant points. Frequently you are able to do the same thing with red font or a yellow highlight behind your terms.

Likewise include a P.S. How come? Studies demonstrate sixty percent of individuals reading printed copy read a P.S. Prior to them reading the remainder of the letter.
Although this doesn’t work nearly as well for net copy, a P.S. is all the same a great idea. Utilize your P.S. to reiterate your offer.

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