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The problem is that these situations can cause us to act impulsively and in turn can create more problems. Ideally, you should carefully consider your options and solutions, including a full out change in the situation.

There’s really no boilerplate solution for stressful scenarios that we find ourselves in with life, especially seeing as every person is different. One person’s resolution may be to quite their job, while another person might stomach the stress and tough it out until they find a better opportunity. On the other hand, you should ALWAYS consider the consequences of any choice that you make, and never make them in haste. It’s certainly worth mentioning that other human interaction can offer a lot of satisfactions, but also, as we’re all familiar with, stresses as well. Not just talking with a significant other or partner, but also with close friends and people that you trust on that level.

The act of “talking it over” is often helpful, but at the same time, a person’s first reaction is to go into defensive or critical mode. The act of criticizing and complaining are obviously counter-productive, and can escalate the conflict further and end up making a bad situation much worse.

Every human desires communication of some form, but it’s generally preferred for it to be constructive and tactful. It’s easy to slip up and ignore the basic ground rules of effective discussion and communication. Ideally, the best situation for “confrontation” would be an already calm situation where all of those involved in the conversation are willing to spend the necessary time to listen and talk as well. Rather than criticizing or complaining, and defensively denying any fault, just take the opportunity to listen. Don’t neglect stating what you like about the other person, and the positive elements of the relationship. Share your thoughts but remember the circumstances and tone of the conversation.

Let’s be honest, if conversation and so on didn’t exist, why would you want to remain in the relationship? Be sure to present the difficulties in the right perspective. I can’t necessarily go into all of the different effective communication techniques that will help resolve conflicts, but as we all know, there are many.

If civil discussions don’t seem to help you, then consider other alternatives. If you can’t necessarily talk to somebody close to you, then you need to look into the other options that are on the table for you.

Winding down this brief “report” or “course” as I like to call it, a lot of this was condensed into a format that makes it presentable in this short time span we’ve had. Stress is something that everybody faces, regardless of the person, career, or position in life. It’s just a matter of how we go about dealing with it, and the steps that we take to counteract the stress and stressors that come our way.

In summary though, the general approach to understanding and coping with stress isn’t all that complex.

For starters, you need to realize that stress isn’t something that you can avoid. The aspect of living can cause stress, and the more you explore and live, the more you may be prodded with stress. The way you react is to improve your life.

Above that, when stress comes your way, you need to consider the actual cause of the stress itself. And then consider the options for reducing, dealing, or eliminating the stress somewhat or entirely.

Still, you should realize that many stress inducing situations can develop over time and will often be quite complicated to understand or solve. With that said, don’t expect instant overnight solutions. Consider the solutions as a process in which you may be thrown off, enter blind spots, make mistakes, and so on. But always consider the ways to recover and better resolve the situation as a whole.

Also realize that stressful situations and their reactions are not limited to fight or flight and just that. The human species has the capabilities for reasoning and considering constructive options if we stay motivated, realistic, flexible, and of course, remain open to getting professional help if need be.

Lastly, understand that an optimistic attitude can be maintained and even learned if necessary, which can help us to better handle the stresses in our lives and in turn, live much more full and happy lives. In closing, always keep an open mind!

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