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Dear Reader,

Here’s how it goes with most new marketers – it happened to me exactly like this – see if it rings a bell with you. It might even be that this is the stage you’re currently at…..

I quickly realized the potential of internet marketing. Not least because I could see people around me making a lot of money, or at least making more than enough to quit work and go full-time.

The initial excitement I felt has never left me. I vividly remember working late into the night creating my first ebook, then once that was finished the REAL work began – learning how to build a simple website, use a hosting account, register for Paypal and Clickbank, ftp my files to my hosting account, put a payment button (that actually worked) in the right place on my website and struggle to write a half decent sales page.

Once it was ALL done, my website went live and I waited to get rich.

…and waited

…and waited.

I didn’t make a SINGLE sale from my first attempt at product selling. I had neglected one of the most important parts of the whole process. Getting people to look at my website – TRAFFIC!

When I realized I needed traffic I got a BIG shock. The cost of paying for any sort of advertising was way out of my tiny budget’s reach, and the time spent on some of the traditional methods of traffic generation would have meant I had to quit my job to have time to do it!

So I had to find my own way. I had to find what worked for me. Which methods were most effective among the masses of conflicting advice I read about on the forums?

Well what I found was free traffic for broke marketers.

And while not everything you’re about to read is groundbreaking or new, I CAN tell you that it works for me, and best of all it’s FREE.

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