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What is Social Phobia?    2
Who is at Risk for Developing Social Phobia?    5
How to Know if You Have Social Phobia    9
Going to the Doctor – Getting a Proper Diagnosis    13
What Help is Available for Social Phobia Sufferers?    17
Is There a Cure for Social Phobia?    22
Living with Social Phobia – A Day in the Life of a Social Phobic    26
How Support Groups Help Social Phobia    30
Steps for Dealing with Social Phobia    34
Healthy Living Tips for Those with Social Phobia    38
Social Phobia and Other Anxiety Disorders    41
Help for Family and Friends of Social Phobics    46
The Stigma of Social Phobia    51
Use of Medication for Social Phobia    55
Alternative Treatments to Help Those with Social Phobia    60

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What is Social Phobia?

In order to express precisely what social phobia does to a person it is best to first define it.  Social Phobia is an official, recognized disorder.  The phobia was not truly recognized until the late nineteen-eighties.

Many researchers have indicated it can be difficult to ascertain whether an individual is just shy or is suffering symptoms of a social phobia disorder. Another name for Social Phobia is Social Anxiety.  Generally the person who suffers from Social Phobia is unfortunate in that he or she experiences excessive fear within social settings.  The sufferer may feel he or she is being overly-evaluated or scrutinized by their contemporaries.  This excessive fear plagues the person in certain social settings and causes stress symptoms, which may include excessive perspiration, shaking, stuttering, as well as other characteristics of extreme anxiety.  In fact, the symptoms, if not treated properly, may lead the social phobic sufferer to experience a panic attack.

It also appears (according to studies) that this type of skittishness prevails within colder climates as opposed to warm Mediterranean-type climates.  It is supposed because there is less chance of isolation within the warmer venues that anxiety may not present as much of a problem.

Many social phobias are non-generalized phobias meaning the disorder becomes pronounced only in certain situations.  This means the sufferer only becomes anxious during certain social events and is not anxiety-ridden during other social occasions.  A bad experience, often connected to an event where anxiety prevails, may be the cause for the sufferer’s discomfort.

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