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Table Of Contents

What is colocation 4
When choosing a colocation provider 7
The Basics On Colocation 10
Disadvantages of colocation 14
A Colocation Must 17
Advantages of colocation 20
Before you get colocation services 23
Choosing A Colocation Provider 26
Choosing Your Colocation Backup 30
Colocation And Systems Redundancy 33
Colocation Extras 36
Colocation Magnified 39
Colocation Managed And Unmanaged Services 42
Colocation Myths Exposed 46
Colocation Pros And Cons 50
Colocation Security 54
Costs related to colocation 58
Dedicated hosting vs colocation hosting 61
Understanding colocation more 64
Extra fees in colocation 67
Is Colocation Right for Your Business 70
Managed and unmanaged colocation 74
The Benefits Of Colocation 77
Tracking Colocation 81
Two Faces Of Colocation 84

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What is colocation

Internet has altered the business landscape these days. Now, companies need to take care of Information Technology aspects of their businesses. If you are running a small, home-based, or medium-sized enterprise, you surely are very much concerned about Web hosting. Other than that, you may be considering collocation.

What exactly is collocation? Is it necessary? To begin with, colocation is a Web hosting option specifically designed and structured for small businesses. The service is particularly suited for minor firms that aim to enjoy features of huge IT departments, but without the adjoining and appropriate costs. Most huge corporations and businesses invest in major online infrastructures so they could be able to host their very own Web servers. They even employ numerous IT professionals who manage and at the same time design their online sites.

Small and independent running companies are usually not capable to do the same. That is because logically, such minor businesses need to take care of other operational costs. Their capital and resources are limited. However, for such small firms, there is currently a broad range of options from simple Web hosting to running Web servers from a dedicated online connection. One option for the latter is collocation. There are more than enough reasons why small businesses prefer to use colocation.

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