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Every online company knows that without traffic to their site, they go broke, quickly. There are many ways to get cheap web site traffic.

One way is pay per click advertising, where you pay per click through to your site, but you do not know if the customer is going to purchase your product, so you do lose some money with that.

Another way is to request links from other relevant, high traffic sites. Links to other well established sites is like personal recommendations, where you establish credibility fast, which increases the chances that they will buy your product.

You must be persistent enough with some sites, though.

You want to download the alexa toolbar, which gives you information about a website, such as traffic rating, ranking, contact info, site stats, related links, etc.

You can get free advertising by giving away free expert content to relevant sites itching for some new, fresh content. Web site owners are always looking for fresh content.

Make sure you write a bit about the author and your web site or product. As long as it is not competing with theirs, they will not mind. You can post on these sites:

You can become an active expert in a newsgroup that is industry related.

A newsgroup is an online forum where people share information and common interests.

When you post, you are literally talking to your potential customers. These people do not want to be sold something; they want information from gurus, about the topic they are interested in.

Make sure you have a sig file or signature and start establishing relationships and prove your expertise.

Stay with newsgroups that do not accept advertisements.

This is also a great way to gather feedback from your website, straight from the horses’ mouth. You can reinvent it if you need to and fix it accordingly.

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