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Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Basics to Career Advancement

Chapter 3:
How to Get Your Dream Job

Chapter 4:
Do’s And Don’ts for Career Success

Chapter 5:
How to Negotiate a Raise

Chapter 6:
Becoming a Leader

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Chapter 1:



The term “career” is often used with a lot of misconceptions. People have common perspectives that pursue them to think of career as something which is basically not the real essence of this word.

The Basics

Misconception # 1- A career is a job
You are working on a company and you receive compensation. With that, you have a job. A job gives you short-term security as you generate stable income from your work role. However, a career is a long-term venture that does not necessitates stability and encourages you to take risks instead. A career is not a job but every job you have is part of your career.

Misconception# 2- A career is an occupation
An extensive group of work jobs with related characteristics is referred to as an occupation. This can also be related to your profession and educational attainment. You can be an accountant, physician, teacher, engineer – the list is long. When you are well versed in an occupation, you have the opportunity to achieve a steady job in an organization. Nevertheless, a career is committed to develop and build your skills for a lifetime.

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