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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
The Basics

Chapter 2:
What You See

Chapter 3:
Who Is There

Chapter 4:
Astral Projection

Chapter 5:
Astral Travel

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

The Basics


The beginning point which it is essential to make clear in describing this astral plane is its downright reality. I am utilizing the word in its plain, day-to-day sense, and I mean by it that the objects and inhabitants of the astral plane are genuine in precisely the same way as our own bodies, our pieces of furniture, our homes are real.

They’ll no more endure for ever than will objects on the physical plane, but they’re nevertheless realities from our viewpoint while they last—realities which we can’t afford to ignore simply because the majority of humanity is as yet unconscious, of their existence.

The Background

The names commonly dedicated to these planes, taking them in order of materiality, rising from the heavier to the finer, are the physical, the astral, the mental or devachanic, the buddhic, and the nirvanic.

Greater than this last are 2 others, but they are so far above our present power of concept that for the moment they might be left out of consideration. It ought to be understood that the matter of each of these planes differs from that of the one below it in the same way as, though to a much higher degree than, vapor differs from solid matter.

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