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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Why Weight Lifting
Chapter 2:
Myths About Weight Lifting
Chapter 3:
Getting The Right Equipment
Chapter 4:
Your Weight Lifting Routine
Chapter 5:
Warming Up Is A Crucial Step
Chapter 6:
Surefire Weight Lifting Strategies
Chapter 7:
Feed Your Muscles After Workouts
Chapter 8:
Avoid Injury During Weight Lifting
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

Myths About Weight Lifting

Any exercise regimen that is done in moderation and with careful consideration to the human body will definitely yield positive results.

Don’t Be Fooled

The problem usually arises when the individual becomes careless and perhaps over enthusiastic in the approach to a particular exercise. Weight lifting is definitely something that everyone can try.

The following are some of the myths that surround the weight lifting exercise:

• Weight lifting is dangerous – this is far from the truth, as most weight lifting injuries occur when the individual is not careful or is trying to show off and over estimates his or her capabilities.

• Weight lifting is bad for your joints – comparatively weight lifting is less stressful on the joints when compared to other physical activities such as running and aerobics. The controlled and non impact movements generally don’t put undue pressure on any of the body’s joints.

• Weight lifting causes high blood pressure – although the blood pressure does increase during the weight lifting exercise, it usually returns to normal quite quickly after the exercises ceases. In fact consistent weight lifting has been documented to show that it lower the systolic and diastolic blood pressure instead.

• Weight lifting makes the individual bulkier – basically the muscle is denser than the fat content, thus leaving the body looking slimmer if the fat content in the body is effectively converted into muscle mass through the weight lifting regimen.

• Weight lifting stunts growth – if the proper technique is used during the weight lifting session there is no concrete evidence to show that weight lifting stunts normal growth.

• Weight lifting causes hemorrhoids – here to if the right techniques are adopted there should not be any aversive side effects such as developing hemorrhoids. Using the correct breathing exercises is important.

Chapter 3:

Analyzing The Property

There is a lot of different weight training equipment that is usually available to choose from and sometimes this can be quite overwhelming for the individual who is just starting out on the weight lifting experience.

Make The Right Choice

Perhaps understanding a little about the various pieces of equipment available would be a good place to start.

Dumbbells are usually the most basic and easiest piece of equipment in the whole range of weight lighting equipment. They are not only easy to store they can also be used almost anywhere and at anytime, without too much fuss. There is also very little danger in using these when the individual is working out alone. The weights of each dumbbell would vary and it is up to the individual to decide on the weight category that best suits his or her needs.

Kettle bells and bars and collars are also pretty much the same in its usage style and the weights here too would very much depend on the individual needs and capabilities. These are meant to build upper body strength and muscle without too much stress on any particular body part.

There are also hand and body weights that can be used over or under other clothing pieces to act a resistance burning fat on a consistent basis during training on other equipment. The weight lifting belts also function in a similar manner and provide the extra challenge for the general workout session. Most of the weight lifting equipment is now designed to be a compact as possible thus eliminating the need for large storage spaces or large workout areas that are specifically dedicated to exercising. These easy to store and comparatively inexpensive items generally are able to entice a newbie into trying weight lifting without fear of busting the bank.

Chapter 4:

Buying An Investment Property

There are several important elements that should be considered when trying to design a suitable weight lifting routine. The eventual desired outcome will dictate to a certain extent the type of routine that would be suitable to follow.

The idea behind the ideal weight lifting routine is usually based on the correct amount of weights for each exercise incorporated into the routine. Lifting the wrong amount of weights could severely limit the muscle gains and even cause some damage to the individual’s overall body condition.

Get The Results

Understanding, that any weight that cannot be lifted in a consistent fashion, for an average of 8 repetitive movements, is not something that is going to result in the ideal muscle building exercise. This would be geared more towards strength training rather than muscle building. Ideally the individual should be able to consistently lift the intended weights for at least 8-10 repetitions within a time frame of about just over a minute.

It should be noted that taking on heavier weights can cause poor form which will eventually cause dramatic increase to the chances of muscle strain and tears. Inadequate loan on the weights will also not be an ideal, to build muscle growth as the breakdown in muscle tissue will not be enough to promote the intended growth. A good bench mark would be if the individual can easily lift a particular weight for more that 12 repetitive movements without actually have to work too hard or feel and strain.

A good guide would be to gauge the ideal weight by noting that by the end of the 8 repetitive movements the entire body is almost ready to give up. This is a clear indicator that the weight chosen is competitive to the required muscle building exercise. Gradual additions can be incorporated as the individual becomes more accustomed to the weights lifted.

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