Yin And Yang Polarities MRR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Introduction To Yin And Yang
Chapter 2:
Yin And Yang Can Be Used In Medicine
Chapter 3:
Practicing Yin And Yang
Chapter 4:
Yin, Yang And Physical Illness
Chapter 5:
Emotional Healing
Chapter 6:
Mental Healing
Chapter 7:
Spiritual Healing
Chapter 8:
Yin And Yang Healing Sessions
Chapter 9:
Getting Information
Chapter 10:
The Drawbacks To Not Understanding Yin And Yang
Wrapping Up

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Healing Within

The negative emotional state of mind actually directly affects all levels of the physical state of the body. Tense muscles are also a very yin and yang thing. The tension is like a compressive force – yang, and this eventually changes to yin when the tension causes the blood flow to be effected.

To counter effect this, certain breathing exercises are done. These breathing exercises are meant to bring the tense muscles back to a more relaxed state, creating a balanced emotional state, thus restoring the yin and yang balance.

Stress is also another by product of emotional problems. These emotions are scientifically described as electronic pulses – energy, that connects to the human brain. It has also been scientifically proven; that these thought processes are linked to the chemical balance or energy balance in the body.

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