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Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Secrets 1-5
Chapter 2- Secrets 6-10
Chapter 3- Secrets 11-15
Chapter 4- Secrets 16-20
Chapter 5- Secrets 21-25
Chapter 6- Secrets 26-30

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Chapter 2

6 Add a message board to your web site. People will visit your web site to ask questions and answer other people’s questions. Some people will just participate on message boards so they can leave their link but those people may end up buying your product too.

7 Add a directory of web site links to your web site. People will visit your web site to find related web site links for the topic they’re interested in. This saves them time and effort searching for all those links personally. If you update it often, they will come back and revisit and maybe buy one of your products.

8 Add an article section to your web site. People will visit your web site to read and learn new information related to their interests. You want to have original content so people can’t go anywhere else to get it. You also want to update it regularly so they will want to revisit your web site over and over.

9 Add an archive of past e-zine issues to your web site. Your new subscribers will visit your web site to read the past issues that they’ve missed. Your old subscribers might want to look up some information or ads they remembered seeing in your e-zine. 10 Add a free e-book directory to your web site. People will visit your site to download, study and read new information. If you do add one, offer e-book related products. Those people might decide they want to create their own e-book and submit it to your directory.

Chapter 3

11 Add a free classified ad section. People will visit your web site to place their own free classified ad and to read other offers. You can encourage them even more by telling them you will pick a few classified ads to run in your e-zine. This may influence them to subscribe to your e-zine or to revisit your web site regularly to submit new ads. 12 Add a free link page to your web site. People will visit your web site to place their own link and to look at other people’s links. You could say to the link submitters that you’ll run their link once in your e-zine if, in exchange, they place your link on their home page for one or two months.

13 Add an “About Us” page to your web site.

People will visit your web site to read about you and your business. This will help to make your relationship with your prospects more personal and persuade them to buy. Include some of your non- business information too on your “About Us” page. 14 Add a guest book to your web site. People will visit your web site to leave their opinions about your business and to list their signature file. Yes, they may only be doing it to get free advertising but it could be a visitor who might eventually buy your product. 15 Add a free software download page to your web site. People will visit your web site to find new software that will make their life easier. Your software could be your own, freeware, submitted shareware or demos. The software should be related to your target audience.

Chapter 4

16 Show your potential e-zine subscribers a sample issue of your e-zine. Black out some of the important information; this will make them more curious and get them to subscribe. Use a really juicy tip they have not probably heard of. You could just tell them where to find your e-zine archives or that sample issue after they subscribe.

17 Give away a free follow-up autoresponder course. Publish your e-zine ad in each lesson. The more people who see it, the higher the chance they’ll subscribe. Your e-zine needs to have a lot of original and quality content for this to persuade them to subscribe. Of course you could also mention one of your products in each lesson.

18 Offer your potential customers a discount on a particular product you sell if they subscribe to your free e-zine. For example, you could say, ” Subscribe to my free e-zine and get a 40% discount off my latest e-book!” After they subscribe you could tell them about your secret discount order page in the ‘thank you’ e-mail you send them.

19 Give other businesses permission to give away a free subscription to your e-zine as a bonus for a product they sell. You want the product or service to be related to your e-zine though. Just think, you could have a lot of businesses offering your e-zine to their customers.

20 Ask your potential subscribers questions that’ll persuade them to subscribe. For example, you could say, “Would you like to be able to retire before you’re 40?” Another example, “Does the idea of working at home appeal to you?”

Chapter 5

21 Write your e-zine’s ad to sound like it is common sense to subscribe. For example, you could say, “Everyone knows you have to know a few things before you start a business!” Another example, “We all know that knowledge is a key factor in making a business profitable.”

22 Assume people are going to instantly subscribe to your e-zine. For example, “Dear Healthy Subscriber”. They will want to subscribe in order to feel healthy. Another example, “Dear Intelligent Subscriber”. They will want to subscribe in order to feel intelligent. 23 Allow your subscribers to collect things from each issue of your e-zine. It could be e-books or software. They’ll tell others and those people will subscribe too. For example, you could say, “In each issue of our e-zine we will be giving away a new limited edition business report! Collect them all!”

24 Tell people what their friends or family might say as a result of them learning what’s in your e-zine. People care about what other people think of them. For example, you could say, “Just imagine your wife telling you how proud she is of you for starting your own business!”

25 Make people feel like it’s their idea to subscribe, they will be less hesitant. For example, you could say, “You are making a smart decision for subscribing.” Another example, “Thank you for making an intelligent choice and subscribing to our e-zine!” Plus you’re assuming ahead of time they are going to subscribe.

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