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Chapter 1: Binaural Beats The Basics

Chapter 2: Binaural Beats States

Chapter 3: DNA Stimulation Facts

Chapter 4: Using Binaural Beats For Deep Sleep

Chapter 5: Healing Addictions With Binaural Beats

Chapter 6: Awaken Creativity With Binaural Beats

Chapter 7: Binaural Beats For Relaxation And Healing Psychological Issues

Chapter 8: Using Binaural Beats To Enter A Deep Meditation State

Chapter 9: How To Make Binaural Beats

Chapter 10: What You Must Know- How To Use Binaural Beats Properly And What Precautions To Take

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Chapter 2: Binaural Beats States


As previously noted, binaural beats influence the brain using brainwaves in different frequencies to produce the desired effects. All this of course is related to the brain “hearing” and processing these sounds and then relating them to different body states.

Behind The Beats

Upon hearing these binaural beat the brain the processes these sounds through both spatial perception and stereo auditory recognition and then creating the responses and activations of the various points in the brain.

These activations then bring to the fore front of the brain, into the thought process the different feelings, sensations and perceptions in specific areas. Below are a few example of what one can expect to gain from the different binaural beat waves:

• Gamma waves – should ideally be at the 40Hz level. When tuned to this the brain in then expected to be able simulate higher mental activity, which includes better perception, better problem solving features, better control of fear and consciousness.

• Beta waves – range frequency should be between 13 – 39 Hz in order for the binaural beat to stimulate the desired results. These results are noted as an active, busy, or anxious thinking coupled with active concentration levels, arousal, cognition, and paranoia. Not altogether desirable but may have some purpose.

• Alpha waves – are kept between 7 – 13 Hz in order to ensure optimum levels of relaxation while being in a fully conscious state, pre sleep and pre wake modes of drowsiness. REM sleep phase and also dream like states.
• Theta waves – normally adjusted to 4 – 7 Hz which is ideal the deep meditative and relaxed levels need to be reached or achieved. It is ideal for NREM sleep patterns.

• Delta waves – tunes to 4 Hz to create the natural inner self relaxed state to encourage deep dreamless sleep and loss of body awareness. This of course is ideal when an individual is seeking complete disconnection from the awareness state.

Chapter 3: DNA Stimulation Facts


The very basis or blue print of each individual human being is in the DNA. It is a proven fact that each person has their own personal and unique DNA make up and that no two DNA make up can be the same. Similarities are not uncommon, nor unusual, and in fact exist in family linked ties, but not in its total entity.

What Happens In The Body

Researchers have come to the conclusion that DNA is susceptible to damage but thus far there is no possible way to gauge the extent of the damage, where the damage is, nor how to control further damage. There is also no real scientific proof at the moments to encourage findings of the possibility of repairing the said DNA corruption. Many diseases like cancer, leukemia, aids and may more life threatening diseases are thought to be caused by this negative condition in the DNA make up. Thus the race in on, to find a possible solution and quick.

However, for some this solution may possibly be found in the promise of the use of binaural beats to address this problem. Fortunately there is evidence that the body naturally tries to correct the faulty DNA condition as it detects it, however outside added positive help can be advantages. Though not conclusive yet there are very promising studies that have proven that the DNA make up can be repaired through the introduction of the binaural beats.

The binaural beats are applied in delta frequencies and have been documented as being the contributing factor in the repair of DNA. Even better is the fact that there are no intrusive procedures required and neither does this process involve any pain. In fact the whole process of being exposed to binaural beat is all of thirty minutes. Another wonderful point about binaural beats is that it can be used by anyone and anywhere and anytime.

Chapter 4: Using Binaural Beats For Deep Sleep


For most people today, getting a good night’s sleep is indeed a luxury. Reasons like stress, children, workloads that require a lot from the mind and body are just some of the many reasons an individual in able to gain the deep sleep needed to rejuvenate completely.


Binaural beats have been known to contribute positively to the individual being able to achieve the level of deep sleep. The popular “Deep sleep” recordings will assist the individual to fall asleep in minutes. Besides this the deep sleep induced will be continuous and without any restlessness.

Not being able to get to the level of deep sleep can be very damaging both mentally and physically, as the optimum functioning of the human body depends a lot on the amount of rest for rejuvenation purposes is acquired. It also drastically lowers the strength of the immune system, lowers brain functions and performances and may even contribute to the overweight condition indirectly caused by the anxiety created from lack of deep sleep.

All these side effects will eventually manifest in the individual’s daily work performance, as increased blood pressure levels, grumpy mood swings and the constant state of lethargy. By using the binaural beats as a technique to induce deep sleep, the delta waves will work effectively to guide the brain directly into the deep sleep phase, thus resulting in a long, deep, and restful sleep pattern. This in turn causes the body to regain and rejuvenate all functions and powers to unsure a more energized individual.

There are many specific sounds made by the binaural beats to induce the various different states of mind. For gaining deep sleep the sound of the ocean gently lapping at the shoreline couples with the binaural beats in the background is the most popular. This sound effect will gradually encourage the brain into deep sleep because of the low range frequency waves used.

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