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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Web Copywriting is Different, Why?
Chapter 2 Your Visitors are Important
Chapter 3 To Succeed You Will Need to Plan
Chapter 4 Writing Good Web Copy
Chapter 5 Niche Mining and the Discovery of Good
Keyword Phrases
Chapter 6 Short and Simple is best
Chapter 7 More on Good Copywriting
Chapter 8 A Headlines Should Grasp
Chapter 9 Headline Development
Chapter 10 Headlines and Tone Testing
Chapter 11 Text Links Should Be the Same
Chapter 12 Keep It Upbeat

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Writing good, effective web copy is not easy although many people believe it is. If you want to make sure that visitors to your website understand how it works and what it can do for them then you need good quality web copy.

Within these pages we will take a basic look at what it takes to perform good web copywriting. Before we get into the meat of the subject there are several things we need to consider.

Websites are not read in the same fashion as traditional printed material, web pages are read in a hyper textual fashion, on a traditional printed page a person reads left-to-right top to bottom. A webpage is read much the same way as a glossy magazine, people let their eyes skip across the page pulling out sections they find interesting to give their focus to.

We must try to remember that Internet users are actively seeking information not passively soaking up data. If they do not find something on your website that they find interesting they will leave it. A person surfing in this fashion will leave the website within seconds if no relevant content is found. If your copy is too long winded they are unlikely to read it fully, you must be able to cut to the chase quickly and interesting fashion.

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