Avoiding Scams Online And Off Plr Ebook

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Forex Scams
Debt Relief Scams
Phishing Scams
Identity Theft
Water Detox
Hoodia Scams
Secret Shopper Scams
Time Share Scams
Work at Home Scams
eBay Scams
Domain Name Scams
Adoption Scams
Gambling Scams
Home Equity Scams
Government Grant Scams

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Forex Scams

Forex Scams and How to Avoid Them

In the past few years, many investment offerings and opportunities have come to being. Although there is a variation with the success and complexity of these money making opportunities, the Forex market is now one of the fastest growing in the industry, all thanks to the wonders of technology. In fact a lot of leading Forex brokers have submitted reports that they had up to 500% increase in new retail customers. Nevertheless, even as the Forex market is booming, along with it looms the incidences of Forex scams.

Where Can You Find These Scams?

Surprisingly, you can find these scams almost everywhere in different forms of media. They can be online or offline, in newspapers, on the radio, and television. Sad to say the number of investors that have fallen victim to these scams keeps on increasing and most of the time they lose all of their money.

How Do They Work?

There are several ways in which a Forex scam can work. Here is one good example.

You just heard of a new foreign currency trading opportunity that involved minimal risk on the radio. Due to curiosity, you decided to contact the firm, and later attended some seminar that the firm presents for first timers. You were so convinced by the seminar that you wrote them a check for $100,000.

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