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How Your Kidneys Function
Kidney Diseases
What Causes Kidney Failure?
What Are Kidney Stones?
What Are the Symptoms of Kidney Stones?
What Causes Kidney Stones?
Diet and Kidney Problems
What Causes Excess Uric Acid?
Kidney Disease and Diabetes
How to Dissolve Kidney Stones
Home Remedies for Kidney Stones
Kidney Stones in Children
About Dialysis
Kidney Transplantation

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How Your Kidneys Function

There are two kidneys in the human body. Each kidney plays a vital role in maintaining balance within the entire system. The most important function of the kidneys is to separate the toxins or toxic materials from the blood so that the body maintains its balance and is not chemically disturbed. Understanding fully how kidneys function helps to insure they will be healthy.

Anatomically speaking, the kidneys are two organs which are located beside the column of the vertebra and below the ribs. The right kidney is slightly lower than its left half. Shaped like a bean, the kidneys are about ten centimeters long and six centimeters wide.

The functioning kidneys

The kidneys have numerous functions and one of which is to separate mineral salts, urea and waste products which may become harmful to the body if included in the blood. The kidneys also have the capability to conserve electrolytes, salts and water if the body signals any lack of the same. If one kidney fails to function normally there is still a chance of surviving provided the other is still functioning properly. There must be at least one kidney doing its job for the human body to survive.

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