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Many, many people go through life feeling the pressure to look a certain way in order to feel confident and be accepted by their peers. We want to be attractive, youthful, and confident, and a lot of people find that one of the aesthetics they thrive for is to be tan.

Tanning is a natural process that a lot of people in the Western world have succumbed to encouraging. Sitting out in the sun, rubbing oils on the body so that the sun’s rays are attracted to our skin to give it that pleasing, darkened glow, is something so common that it’s almost bizarre to consider that it could be harmful.

Unfortunately, the UV rays from the sun’s rays can actually cause damage to the skin and cause wrinkles. It can also, over time, cause skin cancer. The negative effects are enhanced greatly if you end up getting sunburnt frequently. This can dry out your skin and cause untold damage to it that can present itself as you age in the form of wrinkles and other blemishes.

When you do get sunburnt, it is important to deal with it immediately. Using things like aloe-vera cream will help you to heal your skin and keep it hydrated despite the damage that has already been done. It will help to do some damage control and provide some relief from the pain of the sunburn as well.

Overall, it is incredibly important to make sure that you are smart about your sun exposure. You want to keep your skin hydrated whether you are in the sun a lot or not, but to prevent wrinkles and dryness, making sure to moisturize becomes even more important. When you go outside, you could try to make sure that you only do so during hours when the suns rays are not as extreme in temperature. Another thing that you can do is to wear clothing that will protect your body from the harmful U rays of the sun. Wearing hats, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses, and even carrying a parasol, can be good ways to keep your skin smooth and pristine and prevent yourself from having to suffer from the consequences of negative UV ray exposure.

UV rays are a threat to anybody who gets sun exposure. It is difficult to predict when or how one might get cancer, but skin cancer is more prevalent in those who spend a lot of time out in the sun. Don’t make the mistake of using suntanning oil over sunscreen. Don’t purposefully expose yourself to tanning beds or natural UV rays for a temporary attempt at glowing and beautiful skin. Instead, do everything that you can to keep your body safe from the harmful rays. Even if you don’t get skin cancer, it will still damage and dry out your skin and could ultimately cause wrinkles and contribute to age spots.

Our society has a tendency to glorify the people who look vibrant and tanned without really getting into the details about how damaging the sun can be for our skin. It is a dangerous industry and we will have more long-term beauty if we are able to avoid overexposing ourselves to the sun’s rays. Instead of spending money on trying to heal the damage caused by years of sun overexposure, do yourself a favor and prevent it, starting now!

A lot of us have habits that we perform daily without even thinking twice about it. We may not even think of them as bad habits and simply functions that we perform in order to go about our days.

However, did you know that rubbing your eyes is actually considered dangerous to your skin, especially for those who are concerned about the effects that aging can have on their appearance? Well, it’s true! When we rub our eyes regularly, it can actually cause the damage to the skin around our eyes. This is because it is so thin there that when we rub it, we can easily damage the blood vessels surrounding it. This can lead to decreased blood flow in one of the most sensitive areas on our body and a place that is highly prone to showing the effects of aging on the body. It can have several different consequences, including a darkened effect around the eyes, or the thickening of the skin around the eyes as it works to consistently repair itself after our thoughtless habits. It can even lead to a lackluster effect that decreases the vibrancy of one of the most captivating parts of our bodies! It’s best to avoid rubbing our eyes if at all possible because we don’t want to help our bodies age faster than it is necessary!

If you have been prone to rubbing your eyes in the past, have no fear. While it can be true that our past habits can affect us in the present moment, the sooner we address our bad habits and do away with them, the faster we can begin preventing any further damage from occurring. Knowledge truly is power! Especially when we use it wisely.

Another bad habit to try and kick is smoking. Smoking has been known for its negative health effects, but one thing that you aren’t necessarily going to hear much about is the way that smoking can age the body prematurely. When we smoke, it takes oxygen away from our cells and can even cause wrinkles around the mouth where we begin to habitually inhale. It causes nicotine stains on the teeth, and sometimes fingers, and it can cause heart and lung problems as well. It can even affect your bones. All things that we want to try and strengthen as we age because of how naturally they become difficult to maintain over time!

Because of the lack of circulation in the body, smokers tend to have colder extremities, such as hands and feet, and may tend to appear to be more pale, or have odd coloring in the skin because the blood isn’t circulating properly.

Smokers also tend to suffer with baggy and droopy eyes far more so than non-smokers. The skin in general can begin to sag because the chemicals in cigarette smoke are very destructive to the skin and can break down collagen cells and damage our skin’s natural elasticity. This can affect everything from our arms to our chests. Smoking can even affect our eyes themselves, causing a higher likelihood of the development of cataracts. These can impair the vision, and can generally be dealt with surgically.

Smokers also tend to have more age spots than non smokers. Age spots aren’t the worst thing in the world, but they can certainly make us look a little bit older than we may truly be. Smokers and people who spend a lot of time exposed to the sun are the most likely to develop age spots.

Something else that isn’t mentioned very frequently when it comes to the ways that smoking can make us appear older and decrease our appearance of youthfulness is the fact that people who smoke a lot are far more likely to begin experiencing hair loss. Smoking can thin the hair and excel people predispositions toward balding to experience it at a higher rate.

However, when you quit smoking, your body begins to heal. The nicotine stains on your teeth and fingers will slowly go away, and your lungs will begin to repair themselves. You may still have other health effects from smoking, but your blood will begin to circulate better and you will have a much healthier complexion overall. Quitting smoking is one of the best things that you can do to stay youthful, so if this happens to be one of your vices, start your journey to quitting smoking today!

It is no secret that the key to a healthy lifestyle is a good diet and exercise, but are there specific foods that can help us to maintain our most youthful appearance?

Yes! Looking and feeling great starts with eating the right foods, and there are some superfoods that specifically target the skin and help to enhance its elasticity and build collagen, allowing us to combat wrinkles and look exuberant!

For example, the phytonutrients that are contained in spinach can actually help us to prevent damage to the skin, particularly the type of damage that can be caused through too much exposure to the sun. Spinach contains lutein and beta-carotene, which are essential in helping our bodies to keep our skin flexible and improve elasticity. It’s best to eat spinach fresh, rather than from the can, and to get the best benefits from it do your best not to overcook it, or simply enjoy it raw in your salads with other delicious garnishes that can also be great for the skin.

Integrating kale into your salads also wouldn’t hurt. Kale is chock full of vitamin C, which can help us to boost our immune systems and make the processes in our bodies work well and synthesize collagen.

Dark, leafy green vegetables also provide our bodies with vitamin A, which is also useful in boosting collagen levels.

Foods that are helpful in producing collagen production are particularly helpful in anti-aging practices.

Collagen is a protein that our bodies naturally produce to maintain the elasticity and strength of our skin. When we are eating collagen boosting foods, it can have a positive impact on our bodies and help us to look as radiant as possible. Focusing on foods that are collagen boosters can be a great way to reinforce the elasticity of our skin and prevent wrinkles before they even begin!

Foods that are high in collagen are generally fresh fruits and vegetables. However, you can also get boosted collagen from fish as well. Foods like red bell peppers and roasted tomatoes are high in something called lycopene, which is important in helping to boost collagen production and vitamin C, which actually helps to make the process of collagen building smoother within the body. This means that citrus fruits are also beneficial in preventing aging. Consider waking up in the morning and drinking some water with a little bit of lemon juice! It can be a great way to start the day and help you to stay focused on your hydration.

Sweet potatoes are considered something of a superfood because of their abundance of vitamins and minerals. They are full of vitamin A, which we mentioined earlier is something that helps our bodies to produce collagen and keep our skin youthful and improves elasticity. Carrots are beneficial for the same reason, and the rumors of carrots helping with eyesight are actually true, which is helpful as you age as things like our muscle and our sight begin to suffer over time.

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