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Reason #2 Amazon is designed to help you sell.

In addition to getting your product listed on Amazon’s marketplace, Amazon has the technology to help you sell more of your product.

Reason #3 You can start with little or no money.

You can start using amazon to generate revenue without any money to start. If you have a website and can write an email, you have the skills and tools needed to start generating income. Cool, right? If you do have some money to invest you’ll be able to take advantage of more money making options.

Reason #4 Customers trust buying from Amazon

Amazon has been around for a long time now. Online customers trust giving their payment information to amazon. A customer that trusts the site they are buying from are more likely to complete the purchase.

With so much news buzz talking about hacking, security breaches and identity theft, customers will always opt for an option they trust over a new place to purchase if they have a choice. Using amazon takes the skepticism away from customers that are ready to purchase.

Reason #5 Amazon is the largest search engine in the world for products

When customers are ready to search for something they want to buy, they will usually go to Amazon first – over Google. Customers in the pre-buying stage might go to google for more information and to be educated about a product. However, when it comes time to purchase they will usually be on the marketplace of choice: Amazon. Catch buying customers where they want to buy.

Amazon Money Machine Report

There you have it

Five excellent reasons why Amazon is worth considering as your money-making machine. There are clearly many benefits of using this platform to generate more income. Of course, you’ll never know how much you can make unless you try first. We hope the following money making models will help inspire some ideas of what you can do and give you a head start when getting setup.

Amazon Money Machine Overview

Now that you understand why Amazon is a great platform to setup your money machine, we need to talk about your options. There are three primary options when it comes to making money on Amazon:

Publish a Book

Publishing a book on Amazon is one of the first ways you could make money. Amazon has taken this beyond the basic paperback with the creation of the Amazon Kindle Program.

Sell a physical product

If book writing is not your thing, you may want to consider creating your own brand of product. You can have the product shipped to Amazon’s warehouse facilities and they will manage the fulfillment process.

This is called Fulfillment by Amazon.

Promote Someone’s Product

There is also an option an option where you can make money from Amazon by promoting other people’s products.

Helping drive customers to Amazon can make you money. This is called being an Amazon Affiliate.

Which one should you start with?

The process of creating your Amazon Money Machine follows the same initial steps. Which one is right for you will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend initially and the kind of work you are prepared to do.

In the following sections, you find an overview of the money machine creation process and a description of each Money Machine. Use the information to help determine which option will be right for you to begin with.

6 Steps to start your Amazon Money


If you could put any product on Amazon and rake in millions, everyone would be doing it. Successfully making money on Amazon does take some research and effort to get things setup for success.

Whether you are publishing books or selling other physical products, the overall steps are nearly the same. Follow these steps below to give yourself a good head start.

Step 1: Define why you want to make money with amazon

Before starting any new business venture it is a good idea to think about why you want to do business online. Starting an online business is not easy. You will want to remind yourself why you are taking on this venture. That will make the work worth it.

Step 2: Target a specific niche and audience

Targeting a specific audience and niche will help you focus on what you can sell or produce. Trying to make a product that is made for the general masses sells a lot less than a product that is made for a specific group of people.

For example, trying to create a baby powder milk product while writing an ebook on mountain biking is increases the amount of physical and mental effort you will have to do.

A good way to get started with targeting a niche is to look at amazon itself.

All of the department categories on amazon are a potential niche for you to leverage. Take your pick.

Step 3: Define Targets and Budget

Each money making machine will require effort to get things going. Additionally, the working budget for each venture will vary.

Manufacturing a product will cost more than setting up a website with affiliate links. Be realistic about the money you plan to invest initially.

It is a good idea to focus on one thing at a time and then move on to another method.

Step 4: Register for the services accounts that you need.

Make sure that you get registered for the services account that you need.

For Publishing –

For Selling Products and Services –

For Affiliate Marketing –

Step 5: Get your product online

Depending on which money making option you choose, there will be steps to complete in between registering and getting your product on line.

Remember not to rush this process. It’s important to stay productive. It is also important that you have a product with good quality to sell.

It might be a good idea to join a mastermind group or get coaching through this process.

Step 6: Leverage Amazon’s tools.

After getting your product online, make sure you dive into learning about Amazon’s tools. There are marketing and sales tools that you can use to become more successful.

Use your own marketing skills to drive more sales and get reviews. The more sales and reviews you get will determine how much Amazon helps promote your product.

Publish A Digital or Print Book

Amazon’s original business model was the publishing business. Publishers were able to get their titles listed on Amazon for consumers to buy. This business model worked well years ago. Now Amazon has empowered everyday people to be able to publish their own work online and get it in front of millions of people. You can be one of them.

There are two popular ways you can get published on Amazon quickly: Digital Publishing and Print Publishing. Both of these methods can be found under the Kindle Direct Publishing Program.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing?

Kindle Direct Publishing ( is a platform for self-publishers to get their digital publication on the market quickly and easily. Authors are able to maintain rights to their own work and get in front of a massive audience of people. Anyone with kindle tablet, iPad, or any other smart device has the ability to access Kindle books.

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