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Table of Contents

Introduction …… 4
The Reason Super Affiliates Make So Much More Than Others? ……… 9
These Regular Affiliate Mistakes . 10
How Do You Choose Your Niche? …………. 11
Finding The Best Affiliate Programs ………. 13
Affiliate Programs, Which To Join? ……….. 13
Getting Paid The Highest Rates … 14
Pay per Lead Programs: 15
PPC: Get Paid for Sending Visitors to a Website …. 15
Recurring Income , How To Get Paid for the Same Sale Over and Over Again 16
Domains and Affiliate Marketing 17
Selecting Domains ……… 18
What the heck is SEO …. 19
Pay Per Click Strategies . 19
Choosing Pay per Click Networks 20
Content and Affiliate Marketing . 21
Getting Webmasters to Promote Your Site ………… 22
Blogs and Affiliate Marketing …… 22
Promoting Affiliate Products on a Blog ….. 23
Ever heard of Podcasting? ………. 24
Affiliate Marketing with Videos .. 25
Affiliate Email Marketing ………… 26
Affiliate List Building ….. 27
Social Marketing: A Brief Overview ………. 28
Using Affiliate Feeds ….. 29
Call to Action … 30
You Get What You Deserve ……… 32

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How affiliates make money

There are many different avenues affiliate marketers can take in order to see their profits roll in. Here you’ll find information on some of those which are not usually explained from the standpoint of beginner affiliate marketing strategies. Video Broadcasts Can you think of a better way to wow any prospective and current customers better than to provide them with your newly published, top-notch videos? Think of how excited they will be when they realize you are offering them full motion screen captures, demonstrating your hard work. This will definitely get them motivated to jump right in and purchase your product on the spot! It’s been proven time and again that by giving your customers something they can actually see in action can explode your sales almost instantly.

Let’s take Camtasia for example. With no need for long training and education sessions to be able to use this system, it can be a profit-pulling addition to your affiliate marketing strategy line. This allows you to create stunning video sessions, from multimedia tutorials to step-by-step presentations which you can make available online. For your customers, it will seem like they are sitting right beside you as you show them exactly what they need to see and hear, step by step. With all of your customer’s senses engaged, stunning multimedia presentations are proven to increase sales. Skepticism is normally reduced, and complaints are minimized as a result of every fact and detail being included in the presentation. It’s easy to conclude the video with your site location for viewers to be redirected for more information.

Publish value of informational productions are far higher than those which contain only text material. The ability to minimize any miscommunications is brilliant. You are instantly showing them what it was they wanted to know in the first place, giving them understanding and clarity of the entire essence of your affiliate program.

Press Releases

If you happen to have an upcoming event, or even newsworthy information related to your site’s primary topic, you may want to consider announcements in the form of press releases. An example would be creating a survey amongst your present visitors and customers. Ask them if they have had any successes or downfalls with a particular line of products which they have purchased from you.

Write up a report on your findings, and then create a press release! If this is well written, you could easily find yourself with a dramatic rise in sales. It‘s also a great way to provide exposure for your affiliate business, at the same time as it provides exposure to the products you’re promoting.


Blogs are wonderful business tools for so many reasons. This is the perfect way to reach out to your existing, as well as potential core audience on a regular basis. Your blog can also have a more personal touch to it, allowing your readers to feel like you are addressing them personally.

Blogs are also an easy way to set up individual spaces for each of your affiliate products. Just as you would have individual websites, the same applies for blogs and your affiliate items. You are less likely to see any rise in profit margins if your blog is promoting a different item every second post. When it comes to search engines, they are quite attracted to blogs due to the constant change in information. Fresh content means better indexing on a search rating, thereby giving your particular blog potential for more visitors. More visitors, of course, mean the potential for more money. Can you picture yourself climbing the ranks yet?

The problem many people encounter with this aspect is they start out strong, blogging regularly and obtain a great number of followers. Then, suddenly it appears the writing well runs dry. If you stop posting your regular content on your blog, you’re probably going to lose some of your clientele. One of the keys to your successful affiliate marketing ventures is to ensure you keep the lines of communication open. At this point in time, those lines are directly connected to your blog.

RSS Feeds

RSS is a means by which blogs can broadcast their content to a number of services and individuals easily and quickly. Your blogging software will probably be able to handle the creation process for your RSS feed automatically. However, having an RSS feed won’t do much good for your traffic statistics if nobody reads it. Therefore you must share your RSS feed with others, usually in the form of pinging. Another option for this is to submit your feed to any of the numerous RSS aggregators. One important point when using RSS feeds is to not forget to update. Make sure you remember to either ping using a mass-ping service or to manually alert RSS aggregators about your feed every time you update. Otherwise, you are losing some of the potential value of the feed. Make your feed itself a moneymaker! Some bloggers who are particularly interested in making their blog pay may want to consider using their RSS feed as a vehicle for advertising. Choosing Affiliate Networks

While there are many horror stories about affiliate programs and networks floating around, there are ways to choose a good program to promote. The following steps will help guide you in making your decision, while steering clear of those which may not be completely legal in their practices.

Find a program you yourself have an interest in. Chances are there are many others interested in the same program or products as well. Programs of high quality are normally a good choice. Look for those associated with several experts in that industry. If the program is offering real, viable products they are a better choice. The way you can determine if this is the case is by completing some initial research. When possible, try to contact some of the members and customers for testimonials on the credibility of the program.

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