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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Adventure Game Basics
Chapter 2:
Problem Solving
Chapter 3:
Your Items – Gathering and Using
Chapter 4:
Puzzle Adventures
Chapter 5:
Role Playing
Chapter 6:
Text Adventure
Chapter 7:
Accomplishing Goals
Chapter 8:
Getting in the Player Mindset
Chapter 9:
The Best Action/Adventure Games
Chapter 10:
Learning to Separate these Games from Reality

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Chapter 2: Problem Solving


These adventure games put a great emphasis on problem-solving and puzzle-solving, with character interaction and plot secondary are called as “Myst-clones”, which are after a surrealistic adventure fantasy that had started this genre.

Most of the time, players are being casted as the fantasy world or now-deserted alien explore who should learn using ancient civilization language and bizarre machines to continue in this game.

Variety of Problem Solving Adventure Game Experiences

There are specific types of problem-solving adventure games that will provide distinct experiences and learning. They have been developed to make players enhance their resolving problem skills. Some incredible problem solving game experiences include:

1. Graphical adventure games that are composed of game series.

2. An independent series wherein the players have been virtually abandoned in an underground facility. In order to escape, they need to learn about the function of the mysterious machinery within the facility.

3. An adventure company wherein there are two characters that should navigate the abandoned alien place with various strange machines. They are going to resolve same puzzle together. However, most puzzles need piecing together alien language fragments to understand the instructions of fragments on how to run different machines in this game.

4. An adventure game where a player serves the castaway on a certain deserted island. Such kind of game has been loosely touched by “The Mysterious Island” novel.

Various claims regarding computer-based action adventure games have been productive environments in terms of general problem-solving ability development. These have been tested to the interactions of forty students with novel computer-based adventure games.

There were forty students who were tested in a particular study with their interactions with the computer-based adventure games. There were 2 sets of aspects that were thought to affect the problem-solving performance. These are the general problem solving strategies and domain-specific knowledge (schema).

Measures of the general strategy and domain-specific knowledge used have been applied and developed in this study. General strategies have been discovered to obtain essential influences on the performance for problem-solving. However, schema has been negatively connected to performance. Such findings’ implications for future research design and classroom practice was further discussed.

Chapter 3: Your Items – Gathering and Using


Most adventure games are using inventory management screens as a unique gameplay mode. The players can pick up only a few objects within the game. Thus, a player is aware that only the most important objects should get picked.

Your Items

Since it is really challenging for the player to figure out if he missed a very important item, he would typically scour each scene for objects. A game that makes use of point-and-click device, player may be engaged in the systematic search called as the “pixel hunt”. Most games will get rid of this through highlighting an item and through snapping the cursor of the players to an object.

Most puzzles in these adventure games cover gathering and using items coming from the inventory. A player needs to integrate lateral thinking strategies in which they can include real-world extrinsic ideas regarding items in any unexpected way. They might have to carry objects in the inventory for longer duration just before proving useful. For this reason, it is usual for these adventure games to challenge the memory of the players. Here, the assessment can be survived through recalling the information from the previous part of the game. Players will seldom encounter time pressure when it comes to solving the puzzle. It is because they are more focused on the ability of the player to reason than to quick-think.

With these kinds of adventure game, players can experience searching for treasures and encounter randomly-generated challengers all throughout the way. Visuals have been perfect for such game style.

Chapter 4: Puzzle Adventures


Adventure games are less known as puzzle adventures as well. Although many people are not aware of their main feature, they are going to know everything about them once they tried one or a few types of this game. They will get amaze that puzzle adventure games can be so exciting when these have been mixed up with arcade actions.


Puzzle adventures refer to the type of adventure games that indicate strong emphasis when it comes to logic puzzles, than traditional inventory puzzles. They usually emphasize on puzzle challenges that are self contained to resemble the logic puzzle games or toys of the children.

The game plot could be obscure while it might be conveyed by puzzle interaction. Most puzzle adventures have been played from the 1st person perspective along with a player that moves between pre-rendered 3D images. At times, these are mixed up with short videos or animations.

A Review on Puzzle Adventures

A puzzle adventure is considered as a misnomer since the game got no adventure elements or real story to speak of. It comes with a menu that has been designed to suggest or push exploration. However, every location turns out to be a jigsaw puzzle that should be resolved.

Anything that Puzzle Adventures does is done very well. You will find many different puzzles you can play through. On the other hand, developers are offering certain surprisingly interesting mechanics. This mechanics spruce up the antiquated game plays experiences.

Game Bonus Options

When the players play through the jigsaw puzzle, pieces are going to flash along with bonus options. Once you matched a flashing piece with the corresponding partner just before it stops flashing, you are going to gain the key. This key can be used in unlocking the latter puzzles of the game.

In addition, other pieces flash green which implies that they were infected. In this portion, you should match the piece of puzzle right on time to prevent this from turning white and black. Thus, it gets harder to find the successful match for every piece.

To control the existing puzzle pieces, you can simply click and drag pieces together. When the piece turned into the wrong path, you only have to tap the piece’s center until it followed the directed you want it to go.

In its early development, Puzzle Adventures ramped up its difficulty, however, players can buy power-ups to make puzzle solving easier. The common favorite is the power-up allowing all tiles rotate in the proper direction. You can choose among fifteen distinct power ups. This game will let you choose 5 with you in every puzzle. These power ups have been a perfect addition to make a completely fresh feel when solving jigsaw puzzles.

It comes with a timer that constantly ticks away. This makes Puzzle Adventures feels like the best arcade experience compared to other sorts of pastime.

This game comes with a good look. Its visuals have been very playful and well polished while the sound effects and music creates a complete backdrop without getting overbearing or sedate.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Puzzle Adventures has been the incredible offering for arcade gamers and jigsaw puzzle gamers. Aside from that, it is comprised of exciting and clever game play ideas managing to totally spruce up a dusty pastime. It comes with ample content and excellent presentation.

Cons: When you run out of gold, your ability to buy power ups will be lost. It does not also have a full screen option to make the game experience more visual and more exciting.

Generally, Puzzle Adventures are just one of the most loved types of adventure games. In fact, there are already several puzzle adventure games played by many people since they were introduced to the public.

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