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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: We Are Responsible For Our Own Lives
Chapter 2: Just What Is Fear
Chapter 3: Self-Justifications Don‘t Make True Limitations
Chapter 4: Getting Fears In The Open
Chapter 5: Tips To Uncovering Your Fears
Chapter 6: Taking Action
Chapter 7: Releasing Fear With Meditation
Chapter 8: Overcoming Fear With Self Hypnosis
Chapter 9: Using Spirituality To Combat Fear
Chapter 10: The Knowledge Of Failure

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Chapter 2: Just What Is Fear


Fear can come in many forms and it is imperative to understand what it is.

The Realm Of Fear

There’s unhealthy fear and healthy fear. For instance, when we’re afraid of something that can’t really hurt us – like spiders – or something we can do nothing to head off – like old age or catching a cold or being run down by a truck – then our fear is unhealthy, for it functions only to make us distressed and paralyze our will. On the other hand, when somebody stops smoking because they’re afraid of getting lung cancer, this is a healthy fear as the danger is real and there are constructive measures they can take to avoid it. We have a lot of fears-fear of terrorist act, fear of dying, fear of being apart from people we love, fear of losing control, fear of commitment, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of losing our job, the list is ceaseless! A lot of our fears are rooted in delusions– garbled ways of viewing ourselves and the world around us. If we learn to contain our mind, and cut down and finally wipe out these delusions, the origin of all our fear, healthy and unhealthy, is annihilated.

All the same, at present we require the healthy fear that develops from scrutinizing our present state of affairs so that we can decide to do something about it. For instance, there’s no point in a smoker being frightened of dying of lung cancer unless there’s something that he or she can or will do about it, i.e. Quit smoking. If a smoker has a sufficient fear of dying of lung cancer, he or she will assume steps to kick the habit. If he would like to dismiss the danger of lung cancer, he’ll continue to produce the causes of future suffering, living in selfdenial and in effect relinquishing control.

Just as a smoker is vulnerable to lung cancer due to cigarettes, it’s true that at this instant we’re vulnerable to risk and harm, we’re vulnerable to ageing, illness, and finally dying, all due to our being pinned in samsara-the state of uncontrolled being that’s a reflection of our own uncontrolled minds.

We’re vulnerable to all the mental and tangible pain that develops from an uncontrolled mind-like the pains that derive from the delusions of attachment, wrath, and ignorance. We may choose to live in denial of this and thereby relinquish what control we have, or we may decide to realize this vulnerability, acknowledge that we’re in danger, and so find a way to avoid the risk by taking away the real causes of all fear (the same as the cigarettes)-the delusions and damaging, unskillful activities motivated by those delusions. In this way we acquire control, and if we’re in control we hold no cause for fear.

An equilibrated fear of our delusions and the hurting to which they unavoidably bring about is consequently healthy as it serves to prompt constructive action to avert a true danger. We only require fear as an impulse until we have removed the causes of our vulnerability through discovering spiritual, inner asylum and step by step grooming the mind. Once we have caused this, we’re fearless as we no longer have anything that can hurt us.

Remaining firm between us and our resolve is unhealthy fear, a survival mechanism failed. There will be times it’s healthy and normal. But fear has become rampant when it never exits us. It becomes a shadow, only visible in abbreviated glances, but is forever right alongside you. No more does fear take over when required; now it silently colors our sight, so that we see everything as sinister.

Fear demolishes self-sufficiency, exuberance, and initiative. It promotes procrastination, and leads to debile character. It defeats love, mists memories, and finally leads to wretchedness and sadness. All the same take heart, for a lack of bravery is nothing more than a frame of mind. It can be mastered. Be forever on the alert for it. Fear is visible when somebody holds a gun to our head, but it’s more difficult to make out in our daily lives. Be suspicious of indecisiveness and doubt, for they harden into profoundly entrenched sense of fear.

Chapter 3: Self-Justifications Don’t Make True Limitations


We must examine our fears with a true and fearless eye.

They Are Only Excuses

Excuses can appear unbelievably strong and valid now and again, to the point where we wind up trusting they’re absolute truth. But, excuses can not only make us miss out on some opportunities, they really have the mightiness to demolish our lives if we let them. When we continually talk ourselves out of executing matters we wish to do, we produce a mighty downwardly spiral of diminishing opportunities, dwindling abundance, and decreasing self-regard. Finally we wind up being a hollow shell of the person we may have been.

Don’t let your excuses ruin your life! Excuses are for weak-willed persons who have no want or willingness to grow and develop themselves. They’ve talked themselves out of making the lives they sincerely want, and they won’t budge from where they are today unless a life crisis pushes them to.

Is this you? Or would you rather be somebody who pokes fun at limits and faces their fears head on?

If you’re in the habit of buying into excuses, you likely say things like this:

“I can’t . . .”
“I don’t have the gift . . .”
“I wouldn’t be substantial enough . . .”
“I’m not young enough . . .”
“I don’t have any time . . .”
“I don’t have the income . . .”
“I don’t have the wits . . .”
“I’m not adept at . . .”
“It would be too difficult . . .”
“It’s virtually unimaginable for somebody like me . . .”

How many times have you stated things like this? They’re excuses, plain and simple.

Here’s the worst thing: even if an excuse really bears some merit, like if you truly don’t have enough income to go back to school or begin a business – the excuse itself forbids you from even attempting or doing work toward the goal in some manner. Just because you don’t so far have the income, time, gift, courage, or whatever . . . Doesn’t signify you won’t have it at some later time.

Here’s the beneficial news: if you reject excuses, they abruptly cease to be real.

Beginning now, take a good severe look at your own excuses. Are they actually true, or have you been duping yourself because it appears easier than smashing the fantasy?

If you call into question the beliefs you hold about yourself and your potentialities, you may be surprised to learn that you’ve been held hostage by excuses. But because you defined the excuses, you are able to easily disassemble them too, one step at a time, one defective notion at a time.

Once you start executing this even in little ways, you start to acquire greater strength and empowerment within yourself, and your whole life will start to switch and change in marvelous ways.

Once we lay naked our fears, when we analyze them with an honest and brave eye – what we find are not limitations. What we find are excuses. Occasionally these are unconscious. They come from events, revilements, and cruel judgments that we have taken to heart.

Without scrutiny, we have let them control our lives. Each person has their unique self-justifications; no one can ever hope to supply a comprehensive list. But remember that excluding extreme conditions, they are just excuses.

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