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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Periscope and Live Video Streaming
* An Introduction to the Concept of Live Streaming
* How People Are Using Periscope
* The Future of Live Video Streaming
* Some Stats to Get You Excited
Chapter 2: The Marketing Potential for Streaming
* More Possibilities
Chapter 3: Periscope – In and Out
* Why Periscope?
* Getting Started With Periscope
Chapter 4: Your ‘Value-Delivering’ Marketing Strategy
* Periscope Marketing for Internet Marketers
* Periscope Marketing for Businesses
Chapter 5: How to Captivate Your Audience by Creating Awesome Videos for Periscope?
* Tips for Live Streaming
* Types of Video That Work Very Well for Live Streaming
* Your Presentation
* Improving Your Production Values
Chapter 6: Top Tips for Boosting Your Viewers and Engagement
Chapter 7: The Other Platforms
* Meerkat
* Blab

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The Future of Live Video Streaming

What’s really exciting about Live Video Streaming is the potential it offers for the future.

Right now, Periscope is the most popular streaming app but it still doesn’t have floods of content. If you sign in right now, you’ll likely find there are around 100-200 people recording content in the US. That might sound like a lot but it’s hardly much when you compare it to something like YouTube where there are thousands of hours of content being uploaded daily.

What’s exciting then is where Periscope will likely go as the technology progresses and the concept catches on.

Essentially, live video streaming allows you to truly have eyes everywhere and to transport yourself anywhere in the world. It allows you to transport yourself to anywhere and that means that you can see the world through the eyes of others.

If you don’t believe right now that live video marketing can get that big, then consider what would happen if there was a major world event right now. Imagine a huge riot in the streets that was being reported all over the news and which was simultaneously being live streamed through Periscope by multiple different people at multiple locations around the event. Can you imagine what a difference this would make to the reporting? If you could experience being there live and speak to the person holding the camera? Inevitably when this does happen, people will rush to the platform and it will boom in a huge way.

Meanwhile, live video streaming could be used to stream other events like concerts from multiple angles. Or it could be used more, as it already is being, to add an interactive element to television. You could watch something being filmed (like the news) and at the same time see it from your phone behind the scenes.

It can also be used in more intimate ways. For instance, imagine that you can’t attend a family gathering because you live in another country; using Periscope it would be possible for your family to ‘beam’ you in and you could even follow different family members around different rooms!

Likewise, for people who perhaps feel a little lonely, Periscope could be used to take part in group gatherings or even just for some background company.

In the future we can also expect technology to progress and drive this forward further. For instance, it may one day be possible to see previews of the footage right in the thumbnails – like hundreds of tiny windows to different parts of the world! Video fidelity will improve and so too will the options we have for capturing video. Imagine if something like Google Glass were to one day take off, allowing us to get a feed of exactly what someone else is seeing fed straight to us anywhere in the world!

Some Stats to Get You Excited

This is no pipe dream either. Live video streaming is still very new – Periscope and its major competitors all launched only last year – and yet it is already gaining huge momentum.

For instance, did you know that Periscope already has over 10,000,000 user accounts? And if you add up all the footage that has been recorded so far, it comes to over 40 years of footage! Periscope also has 2 million active users every single day and these users are located across 25 different countries. In the month it launched, it got 60K tweets every single day!

Twitter definitely believes in the potential of Periscope in particular, seeing as they were willing to invest an incredible $100 million to purchase it. And Periscope isn’t the only success story in this category either. Meerkat launched around the same time as a competitor to Periscope and had 120,000 users by the end of the first month. Twitch, which streams live games, had 12 billion users at the end of 2014. Blab is another new streaming app which shows promise with incredible engagement – their average user spends 65 minutes a day watching videos on the platform!

And YouTube has been in on the act too. The company live streams some events and the E3 event in 2015 managed to attract a gigantic 8 million viewers within just 12 hours.

In other words, this is massive news. People see the huge potential of live streaming and as such, they are flocking to it. So should you be!

Chapter 2: The Marketing Potential for Streaming

As you can hopefully see then, video streaming has huge potential and will likely have a massive impact on the world.

But how about marketing? Why is it such a big deal for internet marketers? How can you even use Periscope to market yourself?

Let’s start by answering the first question first: why is Periscope big news for marketers? What are the advantages?

Well, right now the biggest news with regards to live streaming for marketing is just how new it is. The truly excellent thing about trying to market yourself on Periscope today is that you’re likely to be the first brand in your niche to do so.

As mentioned, there are probably around 100-200 people streaming videos from the US at any given time – and that’s actually a somewhat generous estimate.

As also mentioned, a lot of these videos are people who are just staring at the camera not doing much, or even just turning it on for a few seconds and turning it off. If you come onto Periscope with a video that provides really useful, interesting information about making money online, or working out. If you can show off high production values, great presentation skills and useful information; then you’re bound to get a gigantic following right away!

In fact, even those videos of people who staring at the camera find they get a big response and a lot of new followers. That’s simply because the platform is so new and so exciting – people right now are eating up any kind of content they can get on here!

Try it yourself: head onto Periscope today and try filming yourself just eating some cereal. You will be almost guaranteed to get some followers from there! Can you think of any other platform right now where that’s the case? Can you imagine if you got new followers every time you Tweeted anything?

Remember too: this is a big audience. There are 10,000,000 user accounts on Periscope so that’s a gigantic potential audience for you to reach out to!

Then all you need to do is to use Periscope as you would any other platform for marketing. Now you have your audience, you just need to recommend them to follow your blog, or to sign up for your mailing list.

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