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Opium Addictions

Over in the distant country an older man manufactured his own crop of opium. When this man was interviewed and told that he was hurting thousands of people, his response: “He didn’t care,” and continued to say that he had been growing the crop for years.

Opium is an acidic brownish narcotic that is highly addictive. The drug consists of dry juices stemming from opium poppies. Opium resembles a flower, and this drug is highly addictive, yet in some countries

Some people smoke opium, yet when they take the drug they will often feel symptoms such as drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, increase of pulse, constipation, etc. Doctors will often prescribe opium in form of medications, although the doctor is aware that the drug is highly addictive. The medicines are often given to patients in need of sedatives to relax particular symptoms. The person may become accustom to the medicine, which leads them to relying or depending on the prescription to relieve their pain.

Opium has been around since the beginning of time. Opium at one time was discovered yet bore no purpose and later it was found to cure diseases found in women, and yet later it was discovered to cure other problems. China was introduced to opium, yet the King of China illegalized the drug. It wasn’t until 1803 when opium became morphine. A man from Germany added acids and ammonia to the plant, and only then did it become addictive and harmful.

Opium is another drug produced by medical developers, which called it a medicine from God. This medicine from man is leading to addictions and is causing harm to others, while the only ones issued punishment is the ones that are addicted to the drugs the doctors provide.

Opium is often smoked, yet sometimes when given by doctors it is injected or digested. In fact it wasn’t until 1843 that injections were given, thus the doctor found this process more potent. After the man from Germany came up with addictive opium, thus, another man began boiling this harmful chemical on the stove, thus heroin and morphine came into play.

Once heroin became on the market, the Afghanistan and Pakistan struggled to deal with millions of addicts of heroin, which included battling the drug rings issued by officers, officers in military and high-ranking politicians.

As you can see the problem is not the addicts them self, it’s the idiots that make the drugs. If people would leave nature alone cures are available for nearly everything naturally. Now we are dealing with major drug problems and the sole responsible parties are the doctors in medicines, manufactures, law, and politicians.

In fact, the problem of drugs is so severe that in some countries anyone taking more than 15 ounces of heroin is sentenced to a mandatory death sentence. How ludicrous. These people are victims of what someone else created, therefore, this ludicrous notion is outrageous. When this world starts killing victims, we have a serious problem.

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