Overcoming Gambling Addiction Plr Ebook

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What is Gambling Addiction
Symptoms of Gambling Addiction
Three Phases of Gambling Addiction
What Causes Gambling Addiction
What Are the Effects of Gambling Addiction
Who Gambles
Who Is Affected by Gambling Addiction
Problem Gambling vs. Compulsive Gambling
Gambling and Self-destruction
Gambling Addiction and the Internet
What Are the Different Types of Gambling
Gambling and Gender
How to Stop Gambling
Are You at Risk
Gambling Addiction Resources

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What is Gambling Addiction?

Addiction is defined as a state or habit that is psychologically or physically habit forming. Some of which are good but most of these are bad. Aside from drinking, drugs, smoking and sex, there is another one that affects us and this is known as gambling addiction.

But what is gambling addiction? Simply put, it is the inability of a person to resist gambling that leads to both personal and social consequences. As early as 1980, this was already considered to be a disease by the American Psychiatric Association that was pioneered by Dr. Robert L. Custer.

Two places in the United States that you will see a lot of people that have this problem are in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

After, all, these are the gambling capitals of this country that rival those in Macau and in Monte Carlo.

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