Gamer’s Great Escape: Powerful Techniques For Quitting Gaming Addiction And Living The Good Life Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Introduction To Your New Life

Chapter 2:
Basics To Breaking ‘OCD Loops’

Chapter 3:
Alternative Entertainment Choices

Chapter 4:
Why Go Social?

Chapter 5:
Affirmations for Abstinence

Chapter 6:
Tips For An Experiential Life

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Chapter 1:

Introduction To Your New Life


Why do you do it? You have to be able to settle that question. Is it to aid you in dealing with worries and stress? It may be difficult for you to acknowledge that you have a habit; however you can’t shift what you don’t acknowledge.

What purpose does the conduct serve for you? If you’re a gamer, you’re not merely playing because it’s your job. Admit to yourself: I’m medicating myself for stress, depression and hurt. It numbs me to life.

The Basics

There are any measure of reasons why somebody will deny that he or she has an addiction problem. Some causes have to do with embarrassment or concealment owed to true or perceived results (like getting penalized at home or suspended from school). A few people are humiliated that they have an issue that they feel that they can’t control. They may feel bad about the things that they’ve done while focusing on the addiction.

There’s also a lot of stigma affiliated with addiction. Being labeled a “addict” may have any number of social and psychological results for the addict, including lowering one’s self-respect, limiting one’s societal (e.g., being cut off from friends and loved ones), educational (i.e., being kicked out of school), or even occupational opportunities (e.g., not being employed at a local business).

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