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What I will say however is that this METHOD works for ACTUALLY LANDING CLIENTS.

How much work do I need to put in?

You only need a couple of hours per day, but it may take awhile before you land your first client. I other words, be prepared to spend a couple hours right now to get started. But you know what, it’s super easy and simple to do this, it’s actually a really fun to do. Can I land a client by tomorrow?

To be very honest, you actually can land a client right away by the end of tonight or even tomorrow, no joke.

All it takes is following my steps. I am not even joking. This system has landed me countless clients. Here is an email I got yesterday from someone: (this PDF is being made on my iPad, so I can’t seem to put images in this PDF. I know, it sucks.) but anyways, here is an email I got from a friend of mine from Texas:

“I just got a client. I literally sent out 4 emails. By the time I sent my fourth email, I got a response from the second person I emailed. Let’s just say two days after that first response, he sent me $80 bucks for this and then another $400 for redesigning his website!” Now that you’re all fired up, here is the system.

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