5 Ultra Strategies For Effective Traffic Generation Plr Ebook

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Table Of Contents

The Holy Grail of Internet Traffic    5

The Niche Plan    7
Primary and Secondary Traffic Generation    8
Keywords to Use            10
The Advertising Plan            11
Groundwork and Tools            12

Advertising    16
PPC Search Engines            16
Adsense Arbitrage            19
Other Forms of Ad Posting        21

Article Writing    25
What You’ll Need            25
Hiring a Writer            26
Building a Strong Article            27
Submitting Articles            28
Syndicating Your Own Articles        29

Press Releases    30

Forums and Blogs    33
Forum Marketing            33
Blogging                35

Networking and Social Marketing    37

List Building and Driving Traffic    39

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The Holy Grail of Internet traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website – and is important to every single site online.  Without traffic, no site can make sales, no site can offer information, and no site can, or will, stay in business or able to promote themselves to others.  There’s no point in producing a website without traffic – but, unfortunately for some webmasters, they just can’t see beyond getting the site up.  They’ve believed that ‘if they build it, they will come’ and find themselves completely unprepared for the reality that their well built, possibly ‘perfect’ site will see barely any traffic until it’s picked up by search engines.  Or worse, will be closed down because the webmaster himself feels that the site isn’t as good as he’d hoped and has it removed.

But there’s more to it, even than that.

Traffic is traffic right?  WRONG!

The single biggest mistake anyone makes when looking at creating and sustaining a site is thinking that as long as they bring in regular traffic, they’ll make money.

Though bringing in regular traffic is a key ingredient in a successful website – regular, targeted traffic that is looking for what you offer.  They might only have a general idea, but still be at least in your ballpark, or they might be highly targeted, intensely focused individuals.  Either way, the important thing is that they are LOOKING for you.

Traffic is the essential ingredient in any campaign and once someone has visited you once, with certain methods, you can stay in touch with them, keeping their responsiveness at a constant or increasing pitch, allowing you to offer them high quality products – when that traffic is looking for you, you can just about guarantee that you’ll be able to sell to them – or at least they’ll be more interested in buying from you.

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