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Develop Empathy

Other people can be a huge source of stress for just about anyone. The opinions, judgments, demands, and requests of others are often the cause of stress that drives our adverse emotional reactions. When a colleague, supervisor, or investor, or even a family member, get under your skin, you need to take a step back and try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective. Try and examine it from all angles. It could be entirely possible that you are reading into the situation, or that their intent is altogether different from how you’re understanding the situation. Learn to take a step back from frustrating situations with others and consider the possible motivations of the other person before you react.

Have a Plan B

As stated before, emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage not only your own emotions but the emotions of others as well. However, how well can you actually manage your feelings when you aren’t prepared for what’s coming next? Being reactionary to life’s challenges and situations is a sure-fire recipe for inappropriate emotional reactions. To avoid this from happening, you can prepare yourself well before you have to make a decision.

Start by projecting potential outcomes every time that you have to make a decision, even if that outcome seems like a bit of a stretch. Take the time to imagine how you will react to each outcome so that you aren’t completely caught off guard while making the decision. With enough practice, you will eventually find that even if the outcome isn’t one that you predicted, you will still be able to handle each outcome and begin to be able to think on the move.

Be Definitive

Challenging the bad habits that you cling to is crucial if you want to develop your emotional intelligence. Many people will use passive language to protect themselves and hedge their bets. Unfortunately, using passive language is inherently weak, whether it is used in writing or verbally. In fact, passive voice literally means telling the story of what has happened to you. Are you someone who has things happen to them, or are you the person who makes things happen? To boost your emotional intelligence, you need to focus on highlighting the actions that have already been taken. Learn how to take ownership of your own life and emotions, and show those around you, from customers to stakeholders, how high your emotional intelligence really is.

Practice Emotional Intelligence on Others

A critical aspect of high emotional intelligence is your ability to influence the emotions of others, according to Psychology Today. When someone in your life comes to you and is stressed out and panicked, are you calm, or do they leave more aggravated after speaking with you? Whether in close personal relationships, interactions with strangers, or with professional relationships, how you deal with and influence others say a lot about your emotional intelligence. To help you boost your emotional intelligence, you need to strive to leave each person that you interact with in a better state than when they first arrived.

2. Why You Need to Develop Your EQ

Emotional intelligence is an essential skill that you need to develop to find happiness and success in all aspects of your personal and professional life. Emotional intelligence will no doubt affect the success you experience throughout your life, and research shows a direct link between EQ and your professional success. Here are five reasons why you need to develop your emotional intelligence.

You Learn Self-Management

The best way that you can learn self-management is to stop and question your emotions before you act or speak. By taking a moment to stop and think before you take action, you can start to accurately perceive your emotions and begin to be aware of them as they happen. From the moment that you’ve identified your emotions in your almost reaction, you can better make decisions more rationally because you are aware. Boosting your emotional intelligence will result in you being able to strengthen your emotional awareness to manage your behavior better and appropriately communicate your feelings. Learning self-management techniques not only applies to your personal life but can become a valuable skill for managing your professional relationships daily.

You Get to Know Yourself Better

When you develop your emotional intelligence, you also end up developing a high level of self-awareness that can lead to a better understanding of yourself, which allows you to manage your life and your preferences better. When you know yourself better, it can help you choose the right jobs and set to work with strong motivation. With high levels of self-understanding and self-awareness, you won’t be as afraid to step out of your comfort zone, to tackle big projects, or go after untouched territories. Whatever your goals are, when you know yourself better because of increased emotional intelligence, you will feel the strength you need to accomplish your goals. When you can achieve your goals, you will ultimately notice a boost in confidence and overall happiness.

3. You Learn to Be More Adaptable

Having a high level of emotional intelligence isn’t just about becoming more self-aware, but also being better able to identify and understand the emotions of the people around you. Being able to identify the moods, behaviors, and emotions of others provides you with the ability to find access to anyone and to fully understand what kind of communication works best when dealing with that person. When you can improve your communication, it allows you to be able to use different relationship strategies that are based on the situation before you.

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