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Table of Contents

Introduction …… 4
Effective Social Bookmarking ….. 6
What To Bookmark …….. 9
Outsourcing….. 11
Social Bookmarking Software .. 13
Create Your Own Social Bookmark Site 15
Summary …….. 17
List Of Social Bookmarking Sites ……… 19

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Social bookmarks are valuable to you as an Internet Marketer for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. One of our goals as marketers is to get valuable incoming links to our websites and social bookmarking provides valuable backlinks.

Social bookmarks are theoretically of value because they are links shared by users of the Internet. This means they should be a direct representation of what people are finding interesting online.

The search engines know this and therefore recognize social bookmarks as important.

However, Internet Marketers also realize this and have attempted to take over many social bookmark sites by sending lots of links to their sites to them.
Like many technologies online, social bookmarking has been subverted by Internet Marketers for their own use and there is a constant race between the marketers, the social bookmarking sites and the search engines to stay ahead of each other.

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